Bristol Classic Car Show

16th and 17th February 2008

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On display were John Cassingham's stunning Middlebridge Scimitar and Phil Morgan's Scimitar "Yellow Peril" SE5a sprint car.  Originally the club had booked a stand for 4 cars, but the organisers changed the plans at the last minute and there was only actually room for 2 cars.  Steve Sims and Terry Rickard had to leave their cars in the car park!

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When I arrived Saturday morning we held our own Scimitar display in the car park, where Steve Sims, Terry Rickard, Mike Thompson and my Scimitar were parked. 
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DSCF6003.jpg (134348 bytes) DSCF6002.jpg (183293 bytes) Saturday night Steve Sims kindly put me up in his caravan. Sunday morning was bright, but very cold!! DSCF6054.jpg (110698 bytes) DSCF6055.jpg (124638 bytes)