Brooklands 2008

New Year's Day Event

 Another year begins and what better way to spend a cold and wet day at one of the most superb events!

New Years Day Vintage & Classic Car gathering Brooklands Museum near Weybridge in Surrey.

Along with my 1969 Scimitar GTE (SE5) was Shaun Pierce's recently restored 1972 GTE (SE5a), Barrie James's  1977 Scimitar GTE (SE6a) and Andy Spindlow's  1979 Scimitar GTE (SE6a).  Another 1973 Scimitar GTE (SE5a) turned up later on in the day.

Scimitar GTE's line up View of Reliant Scimitars Another view of Scimitars Andy Spindlow's Scimitar GTE SE6a My Scimitar GTE Barrie James's Scimitar GTE SE6a
Shaun Pierce's Scimitar GTE SE5a 1973 Scimitar GTE Se5a Scimitar under members bridge My Scimitar by members banking My Scimitar with full lights My Scimitar near Members Bridge
A view of Brooklands banking A further view of Brooklands banking Another view of Brooklands banking Scimitar SE5 and SE6 comparison My 69 GTE with Barries 79 GTE Two GTE's Can you spot the differences?
View of Scimitars from top of members bridge Another view of Scimitars from top of members bridge My Scimitar in front of old pits The End