Brooklands 2010

New Year's Day Event
Vintage & Classic Car gathering at Brooklands Museum

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There had been quite a bit of interest on the R.S.S.O.C. forum about the NYD meet at Brooklands so I made arrangements for a club display big enough for 15 cars.  It was quite nerve racking as the weather had forecast severe snow in various places, so I wondered, apart from me,  who else would be mad enough to turn up. 

I had planned to meet up at the Tescos Extra store very near the Brooklands Museum.  I arrived at after a 2 hour drive.  It was frosty and very cold (inside the car as well as outside!), but there was no snow as promised!   Very shortly I was pleased and relieved to see a few Scimitars and Sabres arrive, including John Valler's ex-works Reliant Sabre 4, which I wasn't expecting, so that was a very nice surprise.

After about half an hour we had an impressive display of 14 Sabres and Scimitars in Tescos car park.


DSCF7144.jpg (97227 bytes) DSCF7137.jpg (159169 bytes) DSCF7138.jpg (164619 bytes) DSCF7141.jpg (152827 bytes) DSCF7135.jpg (148792 bytes) DSCF7145.jpg (123963 bytes)
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Once we figured out how to get exit the over complicated Tescos car park, we drove the short distance in convoy following Geoff Cooper, who new a short cut to the Brooklands Museum. > DSCF7158.jpg (136532 bytes) DSCF7160.jpg (116481 bytes) DSCF7164.jpg (210067 bytes) DSCF7167.jpg (120716 bytes)
On arrival we had a great view of the banking before we parked up in a semi- circle. DSCF7212.jpg (208944 bytes) DSCF7177.jpg (133872 bytes) DSCF7255.jpg (191016 bytes) Roger Hill very kindly offered everyone a small  cup of Gluhwein (hot spiced wine), which was greatly appreciated and certainly helped warm up those cold bits! > DSCF7176.jpg (218622 bytes)
DSCF7172.jpg (217623 bytes) DSCF7173.jpg (204319 bytes) DSCF7175.jpg (222522 bytes) DSCF7170.jpg (210619 bytes) DSCF7182.jpg (200703 bytes) DSCF7171.jpg (218348 bytes)
DSCF7218.jpg (269247 bytes) DSCF7279.jpg (221639 bytes) DSCF7297.jpg (216614 bytes) Mad bunch of people out for the New Years Day :o) DSCF7180.jpg (194408 bytes) John & Jill Unwin's 1982 Scimitar GTE SE6B >
DSCF7185.jpg (187719 bytes) DSCF7211.jpg (159688 bytes) Duncan Walker's 1968 Scimitar GT with 5-litre V8 engine! > DSCF7184.jpg (179184 bytes) DSCF7358.jpg (200783 bytes) DSCF7188.jpg (183466 bytes)
Roger Hill's 1986 Scimitar SS1 1800Ti > DSCF7298.jpg (178078 bytes) DSCF7205.jpg (173023 bytes) My 1969 Scimitar GTE SE5 > DSCF7388.jpg (266689 bytes) DSCF7204.jpg (188436 bytes)
Dave Anthony's 1975 Scimitar GTE SE5a > DSCF7192.jpg (213073 bytes) DSCF7202.jpg (174019 bytes) Richard Burton's 1987 Scimitar SS1 1600 > DSCF7193.jpg (200760 bytes) DSCF7200.jpg (178866 bytes)
Tony Dix's modified 1973 Scimitar GTE SE5a DSCF7194.jpg (230806 bytes) DSCF7199.jpg (167556 bytes) DSCF7321.jpg (199272 bytes) Geoff Cooper's 1962 Sabre roadster > DSCF7196.jpg (194330 bytes)