Scimitar GTC Outline Drawing


National Sporting Weekend 2010

13th, 14th & 15th August 2010

at Curborough Sprint Course
30th Anniversary of the Scimitar GTC
45th Anniversary of the Scimitar GT 'Coupe'

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Scimitar GT Outline Drawing

DSCF1165.jpg (207279 bytes) DSCF1166.jpg (188040 bytes) DSCF1176.jpg (185488 bytes) DSCF1171.jpg (224679 bytes) DSCF1173.jpg (224156 bytes) DSCF1167.jpg (208123 bytes)
DSCF1177.JPG (192964 bytes) as the night draws in strange people begin to appear!!! DSCF1109.JPG (238948 bytes) DSCF1147.jpg (229926 bytes) don't worry it's only part of the nights entertainment including  fancy dress and dancing with live music from the Trunnion Bashers... and a few drinks! DSCF1189.jpg (179646 bytes)
DSCF1182.jpg (154790 bytes) DSCF1184.jpg (210869 bytes) DSCF1184.jpg (210869 bytes) DSCF1185.jpg (156483 bytes) DSCF1186.jpg (152081 bytes) DSCF1187.jpg (159594 bytes)
DSCF1198.jpg (133550 bytes) Steve Simms was enjoying the evening ;o) DSCF1201.jpg (137578 bytes) DSCF1204.jpg (141990 bytes) DSCF1205.jpg (166007 bytes) DSCF1211.jpg (159661 bytes)
Guess which one is the club chairman??? DSCF1215.jpg (182762 bytes) DSCF1234.jpg (155931 bytes) George Sampford checks out cat woman DSCF1238.jpg (204682 bytes) DSCF1240.jpg (170496 bytes)
DSCF1247.jpg (215143 bytes) DSCF1255.jpg (168650 bytes) George Sampford enjoying his pint DSCF1263.jpg (160888 bytes) SUNDAY mty archives on display in the main marquee >
DSCF1266.jpg (172977 bytes) Very nice coupe with 5 litre engine :o) DSCF1269.jpg (224545 bytes) DSCF1268.jpg (202250 bytes) DSCF1272.jpg (184702 bytes) DSCF1278.jpg (216079 bytes)
DSCF1276.jpg (193853 bytes) Meanwhile outside nobly knees Mick Gaughran & George Sampford prepare for talk by ex-MD of Middlebridge John McCauley  DSCF1287.jpg (239672 bytes) John McCauley talks about the Middlebridge Scimitar and cuts the cake to celebrate the 21st Anniversary of the Middlebridge Scimitar. DSCF1289.jpg (181706 bytes) DSCF1291.jpg (199169 bytes)
DSCF1296.jpg (219853 bytes) DSCF1299.jpg (214131 bytes) John signs the Middlebridge card along with all the Middlebridge owners. DSCF1304.jpg (280114 bytes) Middlebridges on display at Curborough DSCF1312.jpg (270516 bytes)
DSCF1313.jpg (232064 bytes) DSCF1328.jpg (257054 bytes) DSCF1321.jpg (230223 bytes) DSCF1317.jpg (245975 bytes) The new enamel Middlebridge badges look very impressive! DSCF1318.jpg (218264 bytes)


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