Scimitar GTC Outline Drawing


National Sporting Weekend 2010

13th, 14th & 15th August 2010

at Curborough Sprint Course
30th Anniversary of the Scimitar GTC
45th Anniversary of the Scimitar GT 'Coupe'

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Scimitar GT Outline Drawing

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DSCF1400.jpg (206134 bytes) DSCF1401.jpg (209800 bytes) DSCF1404.jpg (222790 bytes) DSCF1405.jpg (217999 bytes) DSCF1408.jpg (202990 bytes) DSCF1409.jpg (159655 bytes)
DSCF1415.jpg (242796 bytes) Lovin' those light covers :o) DSCF1418.jpg (291944 bytes) DSCF1428.jpg (195031 bytes) Finally at the end of the day a few of us descended on the local pub for a drink and a bite to eat DSCF1438.jpg (263049 bytes)
DSCF1440.jpg (177926 bytes) DSCF1444.jpg (203200 bytes) DSCF1445.jpg (227417 bytes) DSCF1450.jpg (261143 bytes) DSCF1451.jpg (262466 bytes) DSCF1452.jpg (264375 bytes)
THE END A huge thanks to the organisers of the Curborough Weekend, for once again putting on an excellent show.  Thanks to the volunteers who helped man the gate, marshall the sprinting, cleaning the site etc and finally to everyone who attended.


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