National Sporting Weekend 2011

19th, 20th & 21th August 2011

R.S.S.O.C. at Curborough Sprint Course
50th Anniversary
 of the 
Reliant Sports Cars

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This year I was privileged to be part of the Curborough set up team for the weekend and I again I had my archives on display in the main marquee meant, which meant I was very busy and didn't get chance to see any of the sprinting.  I did manage to get out while participating in the 50th Anniversary line up on the track in my SE5 and take various other snaps over the weekend. 
Wednesday: DSCF0066.JPG (253826 bytes) DSCF0074.JPG (325088 bytes) DSCF0078.JPG (205466 bytes) DSCF0080.JPG (220975 bytes) DSCF0082.JPG (256610 bytes)
Thursday: The marquee is set up DSCF0087.JPG (176831 bytes) Campers start to arrive DSCF0109.JPG (172220 bytes) DSCF0114.JPG (221686 bytes)
DSCF0089.JPG (219298 bytes) DSCF0084.JPG (212030 bytes) DSCF0100.JPG (250617 bytes) DSCF0101.JPG (203634 bytes) DSCF0099.JPG (179078 bytes) DSCF0091.JPG (231072 bytes)
DSCF0111.JPG (184975 bytes) DSCF0095.JPG (263090 bytes) DSCF0097.JPG (284416 bytes) DSCF0106.JPG (248788 bytes) DSCF0108.JPG (281734 bytes) DSCF0093.JPG (274580 bytes)
DSCF0117.JPG (231651 bytes) DSCF0102.JPG (238139 bytes) DSCF0086.JPG (211970 bytes) DSCF0120.JPG (260834 bytes) DSCF0121.JPG (210518 bytes) DSCF0115.JPG (302732 bytes)
Paul Maddison's mini Curborough DSCF0123.JPG (210074 bytes) DSCF0125.JPG (144610 bytes) DSCF0127.JPG (107213 bytes) DSCF0130.JPG (112455 bytes) DSCF0131.JPG (127172 bytes)
DSCF0132.JPG (159253 bytes) DSCF0133.JPG (138238 bytes) Andy King 
(aka Spoony) show's off his magnetic ability :o)
DSCF0134.JPG (193503 bytes) A very nice curry and a few drinks later DSCF0143.JPG (194068 bytes)
Friday: DSCF0144.JPG (284378 bytes) DSCF0147.JPG (204175 bytes) DSCF0149.JPG (278806 bytes) DSCF0150.JPG (278933 bytes) DSCF0152.JPG (192768 bytes)
DSCF0155.JPG (280365 bytes) DSCF0157.JPG (280354 bytes) DSCF0158.JPG (210676 bytes) DSCF0160.JPG (324264 bytes) DSCF0163.JPG (275735 bytes) DSCF0161.JPG (351287 bytes)
DSCF0169.JPG (298488 bytes) DSCF0170.JPG (233155 bytes) DSCF0173.JPG (257201 bytes) DSCF0174.JPG (265731 bytes) DSCF0175.JPG (288906 bytes) DSCF0177.JPG (254518 bytes)
Saturday: DSCF0190.JPG (200851 bytes) DSCF0216.JPG (191002 bytes) A line up of cars chosen to do the parade lap to celebrate the 50th Anniversary DSCF0222.JPG (251819 bytes) DSCF0223.JPG (266599 bytes)


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