Reliant Scimitar SE6/SE6a/SE6b
Date Magazine Lo Pages Featured Car Reg
18th October 1975 Motor Bigger, better Scimitar GTE 2 1 GTE
20th March 1976 Autocar Autotest - Reliant Scimitar GTE (Automatic)  (Oversized) 3 RMC 5L
27th March 1976 Motor Road Test: Reliant Scimitar GTE 6 LOL 22P
Sep-76 Car Reliant Scimitar GTE vs Lancia Beta HPE 4 PBM 252R
16th April 1977 Autocar Long Term Report - Reliant Scimitar GTE - 12,000 Miles  (Oversized) 5 LYX 699P
May-77 Men Only Reliant Scimitar GTE 2 LVP 457P
21st May 1977 Autocar Reliant Scimitar GTE (Oversized) 5 NOL 644R
30th June 1977 Autosport Firm Favorite 2 LVP 457P
16th July 1977 Motor Sporting Hatchbacks Compared 7 NOL 644R
Jun-78 Motor Sport Road Impressions: The Reliant Scimitar GTE 2 RMC 6L
23rd September 1978 Autocar 4 4 LYX 699P
Dec-78 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars On the Road 2 RMC 6L
17th January 1981 Autocar Reliant Scimitar GTE The First High Peformance Estate (Oversized) 6 1 GTE
1984? Alternative Cars 49 Not Out and Cutting a dash 7 1 GTE
Sep-85 Sports Car Monthly Thr Scimitar is Slashed 1 ?
Sep-85 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars GTE RIP 1 ?
19th February 1986 Autocar A Scimitar for the 90's 2 A414 FPH?
19th February 1986 Autocar Legend Lives On - Reliant Sells GTE to Peter Boam and John McCauley (later became Middlebridge) 3 1 GTE
Apr-88 Performance Ford One in a Million 3 NBN 527R
Feb-89 Practical Classics Flashing the Scimitar 3 OPW 734P
Jul-89 Practical Classics Staff Car Sagas - Chris Graham's SE6a 1 OPW 734P
Aug-90 Practical Classics Keeping Your Cool 3 NJW 76P
Feb-94 Popular Classics Road Test AC 3000ME vs Scimitar GTE 7 LAB 13T
? Car & Car Conversions Free Wheelin - Reliant Scimitar GTE 1 GOC 404W
Jul-94 Thoroghbred & Classic Cars Antiques Roadshow - Scim vs Jensen GT vs Lancia Beta HPE vs Volvo 1800ES vs Lynx XJS 9 TYF 410S
Jul-94 Your Classic A Cut Above 4 FGE 383T
16th July 1994 Daily Express Classic of the week: Reliant Scimitar GTE 1 1 GTE
Dec-96 Practical Classics Spirit of the highway - Classic Journey with Scimitar, Triumph and Mercedes 7 ULM 663R
Aug-97 Practical Classics Sharpening the Blade 4 XRL 999T
5th August 1998 Classic Car Weekly A Cut Above The Average (GTE & GTC) 2 DKJ 764T & DBM 102X
20th November 2002 Classic Car Weekly Buying Power - Reliant Scimitar GTE 2 DKJ 764T
Dec-00 Practical Classics Buyers Data File - The Alternatives (Brief detials on a Scimitar GTE)  1 LAB 13T
May-04 Classics Fibre Class 6 KNH 153V & LBW 506S
Nov-04 Practical Classics Reliant Scimitar 1 MTC 317R
Dec 2004? Classic Car Mart Swordplay Part 1 5 ROP 422R
Jan-05 Classic Car Mart Swordplay Part 2 5 ROP 422R
Feb-05 Classic Car Mart Swordplay Part 3 6 ROP 422R
Apr-05 Classic Car Mart Swordplay Part 5 6 ROP 422R
May-05 Classic Car Mart Swordplay Part 6 5 ROP 422R
May-05 Practical Classics Reliant Scimitar (A Brief Look) 1 FYC 406T
Jun-05 Classic Car Mart Swordplay Part 7 6 ROP 422R
Mar-08 Classics Monthly Buyers Guide to Reliant Scimitar SE6 6 STA 888R
Apr-08 Classic and Sports Car Weather Beaten? Scimitar GTE vs MGB GT vs Triumph TR7 5 TPN 328X
Mar-09 Practical Classics On the road in 40 days - Triumph Spitfir e- Reliant Scimitar SE6b - Ford Popular - Trabant 601 6 TPN 328b