Sabre and Scimitar Various Articles - Non Model Specific
Date Magazine Article Title Pages Featured Car Reg
Dec-69 Car Reliant, Ogle and Triplex 3 66 OGLE
26th November 1970 Autocar A Look At Reliant - Originality and Diversity 12 XRF 978H, BUE 442B
Nov-75 Motor Sport Reliant Developments 1 GTE
Jun-76 Motor Sport Reliant of Tamworth 2 RMC 5L
Feb-77 Car Classics Reliant: Staffordshire's Little Giant 4 LVP 457P, RCM 472
21st January 1978 Motor Self Reliant - Philip Turner speaks to Ritchie Spencer 1 n/a
10th February 1979 Motor Reliant's Cost Cutting Kit Car for Turkey 1 FW11
17th February 1979 Motor Renaissance For Reliant 2 FW11
Jan-81 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Classic Choice - Reliant Scimitar Coupe/GTE 2 ?
Mar-83 Practical Classics Buying Feature - Thinking of Buying A Scimitar? 5 VVL 2M, PHO 252G
1984? Alternative Cars 49 Not Out - Cutting A Dash 7 ?
6th October 1984 Motor Scimitar Re-born - SE82 Project   SE82
6th October 1984 Motor For Ritchie For Poorer 2 ?
Feb-85 Sporting Cars Reliant Scimitars - Individual Estates 5 612 KUE, EOE 442V
Feb 85? ? Reliant Clocks Up It's Golden Jubilee 8 Various
Jun-85 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Tamworth Manifesto 3 BUE 442B, EOE 442V
Oct-85 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Retro - Jonathan Woods Investigates background of Reliant 1 ?
Feb-86 Classic & Sportscar Scimitar Profile - Fit For a Princess  5 XRF 978H
19th April 1986 Motor Best Of British: Family Affair 5 HOX 110L, 7947 WD
Sep-86 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Cutting a Dash  3 ?
Sep-86 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Open and Shut Case 2 DBM 102X
Jan-87 Sports Car Monthly Sports Car Search - Reliant Scimitar 3 111 GTE, NAC 276P
Jan-88 Practical Classics Stag/Scimitar GTE Special Feature 14 PPA 810R, RHR 203S, TON 24N
Aug-89 Old Car Simply Reliant - Don Pither Collection 8 111 GTE, BRP 187B, 66 OGLE, VLL 495G
Apr-90 Your Classic Regal Reliant 7 DMA 897N, 380 BSM
8th August 1990 Autoclassic Classic Choice - Scimitar GTE & GTC 1968 - 1986 (Oversized) 2 JUL 676S, CRF 787K
Oct-90 Popular Classics Buyers Guide to Reliant Scimitar - Cutting Edge 5 DON 72V, OGB 479J
Feb-93 Your Classic Buying Feature - Reliant Scimitar GTE 4 JTM 686F, CRF 787K, NRF 505L
3rd November 1993 Autocar & Motor Hindsight (A look at the Sabre old and new) 1 7947 WD, L94 REL
Oct-94 Practical Classics Buyers Guide - Searching for a Scimitar 6 TBF 916W, RRE 31G, WPB 5M, 4564 PK
Apr-96 Top Gear Joke Over 12 C972 REG, 66 OGLE, L94 REL
Dec-96 Practical Classics Spirit of Highway  7 ULM 663R
Nov-97 Classics Buyers Guide - Reliant Scimitar GTE - Mould Breaking Reliant 4 LRN 223N
20th May 1998 Classic Car weekly Market Watch - Razor Sharp 2 PDX 187M, B767 PLU, NOT 261L
Jun-98 Classics The Scimitar Story 2 RKB 444N, DDR 898C, 
Mar-00 Practical Classics Buyers Guide - Reliant Scimitar GTE 6 FYC 406T
22nd November 2000 Classic Car Weekly Cut to The Bone 2 Various
Mar-01 Practical Classics On Marques - Reliant - Plastic Fantastic 6 RGB 943, 66 OGLE
Nov-01 Classic Car Mart Spotlight on Reliant - The Scimitar 4 ?
6th February 2002 Classic Car Weekly Missing the Marque - Lost In The Real World 2 66 OGLE, RDE 106M
Spring 2002 Classics Edge Of Heaven 9 OMU 155E, POB 65G, KNH 153V
Spring 2002 Practical Classics From Cradle to Grave - Flexible Friends - SE5 vs Middlebridge 4 APC 469H, J2 GTE
21st April 2004 Classic Car Weekly Road Test - Reliant Scimitar GTE 2 XRL 999T
9th March 2006 Classic Car Weekly Buying Power - Scimitar SS1/SST/Sabre 2 K120 NHR
Dec-06 Classic Motor Monthly Scimitar and Sabre the Cutting Edge (Oversized) 3 361 YWD, WRK 99G
May-07 Classic Cars For Sale Reliant Scimitar GTE/GTC - Classic Consider 3 CAR 60T, NFS 302P
20th September 07 Classic Car weekly Celebrity Classics 1 KPP 12P
? Sporting Cars Sporting Estate 3 THU 828M
? Real Classics Sporting Chance? 6 JUL 676S
? Classic Cars For Sale Two For The Price of One 2 GHJ 505T, PGU 304K
? Classic Car Mart Dan Shaw finds out about R.S.S.O.C 2 JKK 880V, 232 GUE, TGO 246M
Sept - ? Popular Classics Summer Jolly Day 7 PDX 187M