Magazine By Registration Number Order
Featured Car Reg Date Magazine Article Title Pages
1 GTE 18th October 1973 Autocar Show Guide - Brief description of Reliant Scimitar and the stand. 1
1 GTE 18th October 1975 Motor Bigger, better Scimitar GTE 2
1 GTE 17th January 1981 Autocar Reliant Scimitar GTE The First High Peformance Estate (Oversized) 6
1 GTE 1984? Alternative Cars 49 Not Out and Cutting a dash 7
1 GTE 19th February 1986 Autocar Legend Lives On - Reliant Sells GTE to Peter Boam and John McCauley (later became Middlebridge) 3
1 GTE 16th July 1994 Daily Express Classic of the week: Reliant Scimitar GTE 1
1 GTE 19th February 1986 Autocar Legend Lives On - GTE Sold to BM Industries (Later became know as Middlebridge) 2
111 GTE, BRP 187B, 66 OGLE, VLL 495G Aug-89 Old Car Simply Reliant - Don Pither Collection 8
111 GTE, NAC 276P Jan-87 Sports Car Monthly Sports Car Search - Reliant Scimitar 3
15 CUE May 11th 1962 Autosport On Their Way (Tulip Rally Review) 1
15 CUE 1990 Autosport Lombard RAC Rally Guide Looking for Sid 2
232 GUE & RBG 943 Jan-90 Classic Cars Blade Runners 6
249 JNX April 3rd 1964 Autocar Reliant Sabre Six GT 5
249 JNX May-64 Motor Sport The Reliant Sabre Six GT 3
361 YWD, WRK 99G Dec-06 Classic Motor Monthly Scimitar and Sabre the Cutting Edge (Oversized) 3
380 BSM Dec-91 Car Mechanics Heart to Heart - Middlebridge vs Brooklands Capri 7
42 ENX Aug-82 Donnington Race Programme The Lombard RAC Golden Fifty Rally 3
42 WYD & RGB 943 Oct-86 Sporting Cars International Sabre Rattling - A quick look at National Sabre Day 1
427 GTE Aug-69 Hot Car Woolfe's Whistler 3
5140 RW? ? World Sports Cars Reliant Reborn - History Of Beans Engineering Featuring Sabre, SST and SS1 5
5398 WD October 6th 1961 The Autocar Reliant Sabre 1
592 ??? August 13th 1964 Country Life The Reliant Sabre GT 1
6 EUE (Only 1 picture and article on Rally)  February 8th 1963 Autosport The Monte Carlo in Retrospect 3
6 EUE (Only 1 picture) Mar-63 Motor Sport Pictorial Review of Monte Carlo Rally 1
612 KUE June 13th 1964 Motor Reliant Sabre Six GT 4
612 KUE July 17TH 1964 Autosport Reliant Sabre Six 2
612 KUE, EOE 442V Feb-85 Sporting Cars Reliant Scimitars - Individual Estates 5
648 GUE & 92 FRP Mar-84 Sporting Cars Two of A Kind 3
648 GUE (1 picture with results) January 10th 1964 Autosport First Welsh International 3
649 GUE May-64 Sporting Motorist Never Raced or…… (Letter from R.Wiggin) 1
649 GUE 1984? Sporting Cars The Flight of The Kamikazi Rally Pilot 5
649 GUE (1 picture with results) November 22nd 1963 Autosport Scandinavians Dominate "R.A.C." 6
66 OGLE Dec-69 Car Reliant, Ogle and Triplex 3
66 OGLE, RDE 106M 6th February 2002 Classic Car Weekly Missing the Marque - Lost In The Real World 2
7946 WD March 30th 1962 Autocar Reliant Sabre Sports 4
7947 WD February 21st 1962 The Motor The Reliant Sabre Hardtop 4
7947 WD May-62 Cars Illustrated A Sharp Sports Car 3
7947 WD, L94 REL 3rd November 1993 Autocar & Motor Hindsight (A look at the Sabre old and new) 1
876 HWD December 3rd  1965 Autocar Reliant Sabre Sprint  2
876 HWD Oct-70 Car & Car Conversions Sabre Parry 2
876 HWD Feb-78 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Full Bore in a Reliant Sabre 3
876 HWD Dec-82 Classic & Sportscar  Sabre Charged 3
876 HWD (Robin Rew) Apr-82 Motor Sport The Pomeroy Memorial Trophy Competition 2
943 JWD Summer 1997 Retro Classics Flexible Friend? 5
943 JWD Jun-00 Classics Mould Breakers - Brief article and picture 1
943 JWD & various Aug-90 Classic & Sportscar To Sharpen a Sabre 5
A183 YOL Nov-84 Car Scimitar now a Roadster 4
A414 FPH? 19th February 1986 Autocar A Scimitar for the 90's 2
ALU 245H Jul-94 Practical Classics Readers Restoration 1
APC 469H, J2 GTE Spring 2002 Practical Classics From Cradle to Grave - Flexible Friends - SE5 vs Middlebridge 4
ARF ???? Aug-67 Sporting Motorist Reliant Scimitar Road Test 4
ARF 109D 22nd October 1966 Motor V6 in the Scimitar 1
ARF 109D Jun-85 Sporting Cars Project Reliant  2
ARF 955D 12th January 1967 Autocar Reliant Scimitar GT 3-Litre 5
ARF 956D Jul-68 Car 2 Sizes of Scimitar - (Roadtest 2.5 & 3 litre) 2
AUE 38B 26th September 1964 Motor Scimitar 2
AUE 38B Dec-64 Sports Car World New 120 MPH British GT 1
AUE 38B Dec-64 Car & Driver Reliant Rebel and Scimitar 1
B23 KAB 26th October 1985 Motor Rooster Booster 2
B23 KAB Feb-86 Sports Car Monthly Rooster Booster 2
B23 KAB ? Aug-85 Motor Sport Reliant SS1 Turbo 1
B726 AOA Oct-84 Sporting Cars Spritely New Reliant 2
B726 AOA ? ? SS1 For The Road 2
B726 AOA Nov-84 Motor Sport Reliant Scimitar SS1 1
B726 AOA Nov-84 Sports Car Mechanics Reliant Renaissance 2
B726 AOA Nov-84 Fast Lane Reliant's Traditional Wedge 4
B726 AOA Nov-84 Custom Car Blade Runner 3
B726 AOA Nov-84 Modern Motor Plastic Wedge for Reliant 2
B726 AOA Jan/March 1985 Sports Car World For MGB, read SS1 4
B726 AOA Jun-85 Sporting Cars New Blade 2
B729 AOA 6th October 1984 Autocar Sharp, but not dangerous 3
B731 AOA 24th October 1984 Autocar Reliant Sports Debut (Birmingham Motorshow) 1
B731 AOA 27th October 1984 Motor Speed Show (Birmingham Motorshow) 2
B731 AOA Nov-85 Road & Track Reliant Scimitar SS1 3
B731 AOA Jul-91 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Scimitar Shock 1
B738 AOA 3rd April 1985 Autocar Back To Basics 7
B738 AOA Jul-85 Fast Lane Reliant Scimitar SS1 4
B738 AOA Jul-85 Sports Car Reliant Scimitar SS1 6
B738 AOA Nov-85 Classic & Sports Car SS1 Jaguar and SS1 Scimitar 2
B738 AOA ? Fast Lane Smaller But Cheaper 2
B740 AOA 6th July 1985 TV Times Open Road - Fatima Whitbread looks at an SS1 2
B743 AOA 6th April 1985 Motor Reliant Scimitar SS1 1600 6
B743 AOA Jun-85 Motor Sport Road Test: Reliant Scimitar SS1 1600 4
B749 AOA 1985 Atochromes/Autokraft? Scimitar SS1 Reliant's New Small Car 8
B782 EGO 9th November 1985 Motor Running Report: Tamworth's Triumph 1
B782 EGO 4th January 1986 Motor Running Report: Soft Option 1
B782 EGO Feb-87 Motor Running Report: Going, Going… 1
B83 TRW Mar/Apr 1990 Sports Cars Illustrated Adventures of a Scimitar GTE 1
BGV 547C May-94 Practical Classics - Supplement Sharpening Up A Sabre 1
BJH 485K Oct-97 Practical Classics Snap Shots - Pic of Bill Archibalds 1971 GTE 1
BKK 668K Mar-92 Your Classic Back On The Road - Scimitar GTE 1
BKK 668K Dec-93 Your Classic Taylor Made 4
BRE 296D 15th April 1967 Motor Tiger From Tamworth 6
BRE 296D Mar-68 Australian Motor 120 MPH GT Costs $3150 3
BRF 645E Jul-68 Car & Car Conversions Reliant Scimitar 3 - Litre 3
BTT 649B Mar-06 Classics Monthly On The Sabre’s Edge 6
BUE 442B 30th July 1965 Autocar Reliant Scimitar Roadtest 6
BUE 442B 28TH August 1965 Motor Improving the Breed 6
BUE 442B, EOE 442V Jun-85 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Tamworth Manifesto 3
C132 LOJ Dec-08 Classic Car Mart Readers Cars - Peter Cudmore's 1986 Reliant Scimitar SS1 1
C33 FBM Oct-03 Classics Beer Money - Reliant on Plastic 2
C684 GOH ? ? Baby, Look at you now.. - SS1 vs Midas Gold  5
C686 GOH 28th June 1986 Motor Sharpening The Sword 4
C887 LGN 23rd August 1986 Motor Reliant Scimitar 1800Ti 4
C948 TAB Sep-00 Classics Buyers Guide - Reliant Scimitar SS1 6
C948 TAB Apr-01 Classics ? 2
C972 REG, 66 OGLE, L94 REL Apr-96 Top Gear Joke Over 12
CAN 172D Jun-84 Classic & Sportscar Class-Fibre (Gilbern vs. Scimitar) 3
CAR 60T, NFS 302P May-07 Classic Cars For Sale Reliant Scimitar GTE/GTC - Classic Consider 3
CRF 787K 3rd February 1972 Autocar 2 Car Test BMW 2002 vs Reliant Scimitar GTE 6
CRF 788K Feb-72 Competition Car On Test: Reliant's GTE 2
Cutaway Drawing Only Jan-62 Autosport Reliant Sabre - Britain's Newsest Sports Car (Cutaway Drawing) 1
CWE 20N 15th February 1975 Motor Super Boosted Scimitar (Broadspeed Turbocharged Scim) 2
D174 NGN & G702 HOM Sep-92 Classic & Sports Car On The Knife Edge 4
D845 WGY Jul-93 Your Classic Buyers Guide - Scimitar SS1 3
D908 UMA Mar-91 Fast Car More Batman than Robin  4
D966 MOH 10th September 1986 Autocar Switchblade 4
D966 MOH Oct-86 Car Rising Fast 6
D966 MOH Feb-87 Cars and Car Conversions Tokyo Storm Warning 1
D966 MOH Apr-87 Sports Car Monthly Reliant Scimitar 1800Ti 4
D966 MOH 18th October 1989 Autocar & Motor Motorfair Stand Guide - Reliant Stand 21 1
D966 MOH 22nd April 1992 Autocar & Motor Scimitar 1800Ti (brief test) 1
DBM 102X Sep-86 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Open and Shut Case 2
DDR 898C Nov-96 Retro Cut To The Quick 4
DDR 898C Nov-98 Classics (Supplement) Reliant Scimitar Tuning 1
DKJ 764T 20th November 2002 Classic Car Weekly Buying Power - Reliant Scimitar GTE 2
DKJ 764T & DBM 102X 5th August 1998 Classic Car Weekly A Cut Above The Average (GTE & GTC) 2
DMA 897N, 380 BSM Apr-90 Your Classic Regal Reliant 7
DON 72V, OGB 479J Oct-90 Popular Classics Buyers Guide to Reliant Scimitar - Cutting Edge 5
DTO 782L Apr-08 Practical Performance Car Diesel Power 6
DYU 238J Jan-92 Popular Classics Estate Management Scimitar GTE v Lancia Beta HPE 2000ie 5
E207 BHK Jan-96 Classic & Sports Car Fact File: Scimitar SS1 2
E246 WMB Jan-09 Practical Classics Readers Restoration - 1987 Reliant Scimitar SS1 1600 - Sue Cropper 4
E343 VGO/E879 SOF Sep-88 Motor Sport TVR versus Reliant Scimitar - Soft in the head? -Road Test 4
E347 VGO? 10th October 1987 Motor Daimler SP250 vs Reliant SS1 4
E879 SOF Jun-88 Car Touring Britain in 3 Roadster - Alfa Spider v SS1 v TVR S 8
E879 SOF Dec-88 Sports Cars Illustrated Jaunty Sportsters - TVR S vs Scimitar 1800Ti 8
ECH 44J Jan-72 Motor Sport 20,000 Miles with a Reliant Scimitar 2
EGO 22J Oct - 08 Retro Cars Readers Rides - Darren Flanagan Reliant Scimitar 1
EGU 150H Dec-91 Classic and Sportscar Sporting Hatches - Scimitar GTE vs BMW 2002 Touring 5
EGU 150H Feb-99 Classics Space Race - Volvo 1800ES v BMW 2002 v Scimitar GTE 7
EOE 417V 14th June 1980 Motor Road Test: Reliant Scimitar GTC 5
EOE 417V 20th September 1980 Autocar Reliant Scimitar GTC - A comfy Rarity (Oversized) 7
EOE 417V Sept/Oct 1980 Drive Reliant Scimitar GTC 4
EOE 417V Aug-81 Collector's Car New Open Blade 2
EOE 422V & OBY 191W Jul-81 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Covertible Comeback - VW GOLF Gli or Scimitar GTC 2
F635 BHE Jul-05 Classic & Sports Car Scimitar SS1 - Sabre 4
F998 LVO Dec/Jan 1990 Classic Replicas Sharpened Blade 6
FFF 569 Jan-03 Classics Buyers Guide - Reliant Scimitar SE5/5a 6
FGE 383T Jul-94 Your Classic A Cut Above 4
FOH 274V Jun-84 Car Reliants New MGB 2
FOH 274V Oct-86 Sporting Cars International Oops! Photo of Mike Watley overturned SS1 at Lydden Hill 1
FOH 287V 20th September 2007 Classic Car Weekly 1980 Reliant Scimitar GTE - Sale/brief roadtest 1
FW11 10th February 1979 Motor Reliant's Cost Cutting Kit Car for Turkey 1
FW11 17th February 1979 Motor Renaissance For Reliant 2
FYC 406T May-05 Practical Classics Reliant Scimitar (A Brief Look) 1
FYC 406T Mar-00 Practical Classics Buyers Guide - Reliant Scimitar GTE 6
G153 PTO 4th April 1990 Autocar & Motor Weilding the Scimitar 4
G153 PTO ? World Sports Cars Estate of the Art 3
G701 HOM Sep-90 Performance Ford Back On The Right Road 6
G701 HOM Nov-90 Motor Sport The Blunt Edge 3
G701 HOM 30th May 1990 Autocar & Motor Cheap Thrills? 1
G702 HOM 30th May 1990 Autocar & Motor Reliant Scimitar SST 18001ti 6
G709 HOM? 01 September 1990 Fast Lane Dashing Blade 4
GBL 84K Jul - 09 Practical Classics Overlooked and Underrated - Scimitar GTE, Bentley, Austin 1100, Hillman Super Minx  6
GBL 84K, XRH 511J & TGO 246M 01 February 2009 Classics Monthly The Underdog - Gilbern v Scimitar GTE 6
GHJ 505T, PGU 304K ? Classic Cars For Sale Two For The Price of One 2
GHM 296N Feb-95 Cars and Car Conversions At The Clinic 5
GJA 909D Jun-93 Popular Classics Sharp Looker 4
GOC 404W ? Car & Car Conversions Free Wheelin - Reliant Scimitar GTE 1
GOF 262N Jan-80 Old Motor GTE: Durable Trend Setter 4
GTC 1st March 1980 Motor Reliant Goes Topless 4
GTC Oct-83 Performance Car A Brief Look - Reliant Scimitar GTC 1
GTC 802V Mar-80 Motor Sport Reliant Takes Off The Lid 1
GTC 802V 1st March 1980 Autocar Slicing Off The Top  (Oversized) 3
GTE 22nd Febriary 1986 Motor Tied Up In Notts - John McCauley and Peter Boam 1
GTE Aug/Sept 1987 Specialsit Sports Care GTE Scimitar Survives 1
GTE Apr-89 Autotrade A Cut Above The Rest (Photocopy) 1
GTE Nov-75 Motor Sport Reliant Developments 1
GUB 599D Jul-91 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Test Match - Scim v Tvr v Gilbern v Lotus v Marcos 9
GWC 520H Feb-93 Practical Classics DIY Rebuild - A Sick Scimitar 4
HBF 641H 6th May 1971 Autocar 12,500 Miles With a Scimitar GTE 4
HCU 63N Nov-92 Jalopy Glassfibre Tatty Estates? 4
HNJ 497N May-83 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Our Cars - Scimitar GTE 1
HON 437D Jul-01 Classic & Sports Car Glass Menagerie Scim v Gilbern v Bond Equipe 5
HOX 110L, 7947 WD 19th April 1986 Motor Best Of British: Family Affair 5
HPB 633K Dec-99 Practical Classics Rust in Peace - Picture of SE5 in Llandudno (ex-celebrity car?) 1
HRD 754N & ? Sep-07 Classics Monthly Go down to the woods today - 2 derilect looking Scimitars 1
HRE 408F 16th September 1967 Motor Short Sharp Scimitar 1
HRE 408F May-68 Motor Big Little Brother - Scimitar 2.5 Litre Test  3
HRE 409F 11th May 68 Speedworld International Long Range Mile Eater - 2.5L Scimitar GT (Oversized)  
HRF 238F 21st November 1968 Autocar Long Term Assessment 4
HSC 725G? May-84 Sporting Cars Two of a Kind - No. 3 (Gilbern vs. Scimitar)  3
J320 GMB Jul-99 Practical Classics Reliant Scimitar SST - (brief Article) 1
J508 PUE Jul-92 Performance Car Famous Five - Caterham v Evante v Genetta v TVR v Reliant Sabre 8
J508 PUE 26th August 1992 Autocar & Motor Don't Judge a Book… 2
JBF 86H Jul-92 Your Classic Shooting-Rake Scimitar GTE v Volvo 1800ES 5
JBY 137K Jan-07 Practical Classics Your Cars - 1972 Reliant Scimitar GTE - Don Kennedys SE5a 1
JGC 98K Jul-89 Restoring Classic Cars Blade Runner 5
JGD 671L Feb-98 Practical Classics Your Cars Restored - 1973 Scimitar GTE SE5a 2
JJW 955W 22nd October 1981 Motoring News Low Boost High Roller - GTC Turbo 1
JKK 880V ? Classic Sports Cars Family Fout Tunes - Stag vs Scimitar GTC 4
JKK 880V, 232 GUE, TGO 246M ? Classic Car Mart Dan Shaw finds out about R.S.S.O.C 2
JLU 537N Spring 1986 Classic Car Mechanics Living With A Scimitar 4
JOL 945L Oct-94 Classic and Sportscar 13 Grand Tourer 5
JRF 640K 1st July 1972 Motor Power Boost For The GTE 2
JRF 640K 20th July 1972 Autocar Reliant Scimitar GTE 2
JRF 642K 1st February 1973 Car & Car Conversions BMW 2000 Touring vs Reliant GTE 5
JRF 642K ? Hot Car Scimitar vs Gilbern 3
JTM 686F ? Classic and Sportscar Case History - Scimitar GT For Sale 1
JTM 686F, CRF 787K, NRF 505L Feb-93 Your Classic Buying Feature - Reliant Scimitar GTE 4
JUL 676S ? Real Classics Sporting Chance? 6
JUL 676S, CRF 787K 8th August 1990 Autoclassic Classic Choice - Scimitar GTE & GTC 1968 - 1986 (Oversized) 2
JYR 652N ? Classic and Sportscar Starter Classic - Reliant Scimitar GTE 4
K120 NHR 15th Jan 2009 Classic Car Weekly Buyers Guide - Reliant Scimitar SS1 (picture of Dan Locktons SST) 1
K120 NHR 9th March 2006 Classic Car Weekly Buying Power - Scimitar SS1/SST/Sabre 2
KAC 314N May-94 Practical Classics Back to Back - Reliant Scimitar v Datsun 240Z 5
KAC 314N Nov-04 Practical Classics Buyers Guide - Reliant Scimitar 2
KAC 314N 18th August 2005 Classic Car Weekly Shoot Out - Scimitar GTE vs Datsun 240Z 2
KDA549W Oct-03 Practical Classics Rolling Stock - Reliant Scimitar GTC 1
KNH 153V & LBW 506S May-04 Classics Fibre Class 6
KPP 12P 20th September 07 Classic Car weekly Celebrity Classics 1
KRD 55L Jun-00 Practical Classics Your Cars Restored - 1973 Scimitar GTE SE5a 1
KWE 777P Dec-05 Retro Cars Reliant Scimitar GTE - How To Modify  7
KXP - 999 1971? Sports Car Road Tests Reliant Scimitar GTE - Australia 5
KXP - 999 Sep-72 Sports Car World Road Test - Scimitar GTE 7
KYN 150D Jun-98 Practical Classics Style Challenge 6
L324 BFD 30th March 1994 Car Week Sabre throws off its sworded past 3
L324 BFD Apr-94 Performance Car True Brit 4
L736 GOH Sep-94 Complete Car Sabre vs Caterham vs Mazda MX5 vs Suzuki Cappuccino 10
LAB 13T Feb-94 Popular Classics Road Test AC 3000ME vs Scimitar GTE 7
LAB 13T Dec-00 Practical Classics Buyers Data File - The Alternatives (Brief detials on a Scimitar GTE)  1
LCL 330V Mar-88 Practical Classics Soft Options - Scim GTC vs Stag vs Peug 504 vs Ford T/bird 7
LOL 22P 27th March 1976 Motor Road Test: Reliant Scimitar GTE 6
LOV 1 Oct-74 Men Only Reliant GTE by John Blunsden 3
LRN 223N Nov-97 Classics Buyers Guide - Reliant Scimitar GTE - Mould Breaking Reliant 4
LVP 457P May-77 Men Only Reliant Scimitar GTE 2
LVP 457P 30th June 1977 Autosport Firm Favorite 2
LVP 457P, RCM 472 Feb-77 Car Classics Reliant: Staffordshire's Little Giant 4
LYX 699P 16th April 1977 Autocar Long Term Report - Reliant Scimitar GTE - 12,000 Miles  (Oversized) 5
LYX 699P 23rd September 1978 Autocar 4 4
M494 YDM 05? Classic Car Mart A Question Of Style 5
MBG 959, RCM 684 & 700 RUR May-02 Classic & Sports Car Cut & Thrust 5
MKL 946F Aug-02 Practical Classics Cut To The Quick (Colin Watson’s V8) 4
MOX 560F & GUB 599D Jul-94 Classic & Sportscar Coupes De’glass 5
MPT 6J Oct-92 Classic Cars A Sabre for Rallying 4
MTC 317R Nov-04 Practical Classics Reliant Scimitar 1
n/a 21st January 1978 Motor Self Reliant - Philip Turner speaks to Ritchie Spencer 1
NBN 527R Apr-88 Performance Ford One in a Million 3
NHS 6L Spring 08 Classics Monthly Readers Stories - My Classic by Will Holder SE5a  3
NJW 76P Aug-90 Practical Classics Keeping Your Cool 3
NOL 644R 21st May 1977 Autocar Reliant Scimitar GTE (Oversized) 5
NOL 644R 16th July 1977 Motor Sporting Hatchbacks Compared 7
NRF 505L 1st February 1973 Autocar Auto Test - Scimitar GTE - Long Distance Cruiser 6
NRF 505L Dec-73 What Car Three Cars For The Price Of One 3
NRF 505L Jan-74 Classic Car Road Test - Scimitar GTE 4
NRF 505L 15th March 1975 Autocar Where The Fuel Goes 2
NVS 165G Feb-91 Your Classic Dash with Panache 4
NYG 951K Mar-98 Practical Classics Seventies Revival is Go! - Brief write up about selling a SE5a 1
OMU 155E, POB 65G, KNH 153V Spring 2002 Classics Edge Of Heaven 9
OPW 734P Feb-89 Practical Classics Flashing the Scimitar 3
OPW 734P Jul-89 Practical Classics Staff Car Sagas - Chris Graham's SE6a 1
ORE 236F 9th August 1968 Autosport Economy version of the popular Coupe (2.5l) 3
ORE 236F Sep-68 Hot Car MGC GT vs. Scimitar GT 4
ORE 236F/ORE 459F/BRF 649E Aug-71 Hot Car Scimitar Scene 3
ORE 237F? 19th September 1968 Autocar Reliant Scimitar 2.5 Litre autotest 5
ORE 248F Sep-68 Motor Sport What is the Reliant GT really like? 4
ORE 459F 18th September 1969 Autocar Reliant Scimitar Long Term Assessment 3
PBM 252R Sep-76 Car Reliant Scimitar GTE vs Lancia Beta HPE 4
PDX 187M Sept - ? Popular Classics Summer Jolly Day 7
PDX 187M, B767 PLU, NOT 261L 20th May 1998 Classic Car weekly Market Watch - Razor Sharp 2
PPA 810R, RHR 203S, TON 24N Jan-88 Practical Classics Stag/Scimitar GTE Special Feature 14
PPX 413K & JAC 413N ? ? Used Car Analysis - Get A GTE 3
Prototype SS1 ? ? The Sports Car that had to wait for 1984 1
PTX 312L Sep-07 Practical Performance Car Budget Blaster - Reliant Scimitar GTE 2
PUM 158M Autumn 86 Classic Car Mechanics Scimitar Restored 1
PYX 3L 1973 Hot Car Blown Scimitar £3000 1
PYX 3L Jun-74 Fast Car A Blow To Performance (Super charged Scimitar) 2
R53 DCA Mar-03 Practical Classics Rolling Stock 2 - Reliant Sabre 1
RDE 106M Oct-90 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Scimitar Super ? 5
RDE 106M 5th January 2005 Classic Car Weekly Buying - Reliant Scimitar GTE 2
REL 417G Jul-04 Retro Cars Reliant Scimitar GTE Buyers Guide 8
RFA 343H Oct - 08 Retro Cars Silver Cup Pub Meet - 1 picture of GTE on road 1
RGB 943, 66 OGLE Mar-01 Practical Classics On Marques - Reliant - Plastic Fantastic 6
RIL 3000 Jun-06 Practical Classics Sporting Estates - Lotus Elite vs Middlebridge vs Lancia Beta vs Volvo P1800ES 5
RIL 3000 26th June 08 Classic Car Weekly Classic Cars at Disneyland - Mick Gaughran's Car Pictured 2
RIL 3000 Aug-08 Classic Cars Your Cars - 1989 Middlebridge Scimitar 2
RIL 3000 Spring 2009 Classic Car Mart Hunk of Burning Gold 5
RIL 3000 Sep-09 Classic Car Mart 20 Years of Middlebridge 1
RKB 444N Aug-97 Classics In The Nick Of Time 6
RKB 444N, DDR 898C,  Jun-98 Classics The Scimitar Story 2
RMC 1L Feb-81 Motor Sport The Reliant Scimitar GTC 2
RMC 1L May-81 Old Motor Sleepers 1
RMC 1L ? ? Open Air 1
RMC 5L 20th March 1976 Autocar Autotest - Reliant Scimitar GTE (Automatic)  (Oversized) 3
RMC 5L Jun-76 Motor Sport Reliant of Tamworth 2
RMC 6L 27th October 1973 Motor Brief Test - Reliant Scimitar GTE 3
RMC 6L Jun-78 Motor Sport Road Impressions: The Reliant Scimitar GTE 2
RMC 6L Dec-78 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars On the Road 2
RMC 9L Sep-74 Motor Sport Ford Capri Ghia 3l & The Reliant Scimitar GTE 2
RMC 9L 26th September 1974 Motoring News Reliant Scimitar GTE - Capitalist Comfort 1
ROP 422R Dec 2004? Classic Car Mart Swordplay Part 1 5
ROP 422R Jan-05 Classic Car Mart Swordplay Part 2 5
ROP 422R Feb-05 Classic Car Mart Swordplay Part 3 6
ROP 422R Apr-05 Classic Car Mart Swordplay Part 5 6
ROP 422R May-05 Classic Car Mart Swordplay Part 6 5
ROP 422R Jun-05 Classic Car Mart Swordplay Part 7 6
RPP 154M Dec-00 Classic Cars Buying Guide - Reliant Scimitar 1968 - 1986 5
RRE 673G 5th October 1968 Motor High Speed Hold all 6
RRE 673G 14th February 1969 Autosport A Sports-Estate Car with the wedge-shaped look 2
RRE 673G 5th April 1969 Motor Young Blade 3
RRE 675G 28th August 1969 Autocar When in Spain, do as the Spaniards - Nothing 4
RRE 967G 3rd October 1968 Autocar New for 69 Reliant Scimitar GTE 6
RRF 186G Jan-69 Car New Breed of GT 1
SCM 230 & 876 HWD Sep-86 Auto Klassiek Motor Reliant Sabre Six, Een Knots! German article 2
SE82 6th October 1984 Motor Scimitar Re-born - SE82 Project  
SLD 893L Oct-95 Performance Car Blast From The Past - 1972 Reliant Scimitar GTE 4
SML 484F 24th August 1968 Motor Reliant Scimitar 3 Litre 12,000m r/test 6
SML 484F May 17th 1969 Motor Reliant Scimitar 3 Litre 24,000m  r/test 3
SS2 Sep-89 Motor Sport Reliant Restyled 1
SS2 16th November 1988 Autocar & Motor Reliant Reborn (A look at the SS2 Prototype) 5
SS2 Jan-89 Sport & GT Reliant Scimitar SS2 4
SS2 Jan-89 Fast Lane Shaping Up 3
SS2 *1991* Daily Express Daily Express World Cars Guide 1
SS2 1991 Daily Express World Cars Guide Reliant Scimitar SST (Brief descriptionshows pictures of the SS2) 1
SSF 410N Oct-06 Practical Classics Staff Car Sagas - Kieth Moody buys an SE5a 1
STA 888R Mar-08 Classics Monthly Buyers Guide to Reliant Scimitar SE6 6
TBB 32M Feb-94 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Readers Rebuild - Housework 6
TBF 916W, RRE 31G, WPB 5M, 4564 PK Oct-94 Practical Classics Buyers Guide - Searching for a Scimitar 6
THU 828M ? Sporting Cars Sporting Estate 3
TPN 328b Mar-09 Practical Classics On the road in 40 days - Triumph Spitfir e- Reliant Scimitar SE6b - Ford Popular - Trabant 601 6
TPN 328X Apr-08 Classic and Sports Car Weather Beaten? Scimitar GTE vs MGB GT vs Triumph TR7 5
TWY 151F Aug-04 Retro Cars Keith Ridley's Scimitar Coupe 2
TYF 410S Jul-94 Thoroghbred & Classic Cars Antiques Roadshow - Scim vs Jensen GT vs Lancia Beta HPE vs Volvo 1800ES vs Lynx XJS 9
ULM 663R Dec-96 Practical Classics Spirit of the highway - Classic Journey with Scimitar, Triumph and Mercedes 7
ULM 663R Dec-96 Practical Classics Spirit of Highway  7
URE 448L 1st February 1975 Autocar Reliant Scimitar GTE - Long Term Report 40,000 miles 4
UVG 28K Aug-07 Practical Classics Buying Guide to Reliant Scimitar GTE 6
UVG 28K Jun-08 Classic Cars For Sale Fuel For Thought - LPG conversion featuring Steve Sims SE5a 3
Various Oct-80 Old Motor Tiger-Toothed Sabre 4
Various Nov/Dec 1981 Sporting Cars The Thrust of The Sabre 3
Various Feb-96 British Car Sabra and Sabre 4
Various Feb 85? ? Reliant Clocks Up It's Golden Jubilee 8
Various 22nd November 2000 Classic Car Weekly Cut to The Bone 2
VRD 561J, LYB 989K, WOB 596J May-05 Classics Monthly Modifying Reliant Scimitars 6
VVL 2M, PHO 252G Mar-83 Practical Classics Buying Feature - Thinking of Buying A Scimitar? 5
VYT 904M Jan-87 Classic and Sportscar Yellow Peril 2
VYT 904M Aug-95 Classic and Sportscar Best Buy - Scimitar GTE 8
WBF 252J 16th October 1971 Motor Never (Again) On A Sunday 2
WGT 889 June 12th 1964 Autocar Snetterton Roundabout 1
WGW 641G ?? Jan-80 Motor Sport Sporting Turbos. Rew Coupe v AC ME3000 2
WJD 99G Aug-98 Classics Double Edged Sword 5
WJD 99G Feb-02 Classics Cuckoo In The Nest 1
WRE 327G 03rd September 1970 Autocar Long Term Test - Scimitar GTE 4
WRK 99G 24th December 2004 Daily Mirror Why I love My Scimitar - Dave Poole's Scimitar 1
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