Middlebridge Meet 2009

4th October 2009

As part of the celebrations of the Middlebridge Scimitar 20th Anniversary, George Sampford and Mick Gaughran organised a Middlebridge Meet at Nottingham Town Centre (The Middlebridge Scimitar's were built in Beeston, Nottingham)

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DSCF4864.jpg (172496 bytes) DSCF4871.jpg (156246 bytes) DSCF4878.jpg (166097 bytes) DSCF4897.jpg (169347 bytes) DSCF4967.jpg (161731 bytes) DSCF4982.jpg (158880 bytes)
DSCF4986.jpg (179438 bytes) DSCF4974.jpg (152667 bytes) DSCF4905.jpg (132330 bytes) Middlebridge Scimitar GTE's on Display > DSCF4976.jpg (199983 bytes) DSCF4963.jpg (190243 bytes)
DSCF4979.jpg (186136 bytes) DSCF4961.jpg (166867 bytes) DSCF4980.jpg (207767 bytes) DSCF4960.jpg (188230 bytes) DSCF5012.jpg (199605 bytes) DSCF4958.jpg (188019 bytes)
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DSCF5027.jpg (157166 bytes) DSCF4940.jpg (164285 bytes) DSCF5029.jpg (190097 bytes) DSCF4938.jpg (186529 bytes) My 1969 Reliant Scimitar GTE as a comparison DSCF5032.jpg (195984 bytes)
DSCF4866.jpg (204986 bytes) John & Jill Unwin's 1982 Reliant Scimitar GTE SE6B as a comparison > DSCF5031.jpg (170155 bytes) DSCF4937.jpg (152442 bytes) "Smile Please"
Group Photo
DSCF5139.jpg (220281 bytes)
Show organisers George Sampford (left) and Mick Gaughran (right), meet Co Founder of the Middlebridge Scimitar John McCauley > DSCF5077.jpg (189184 bytes) DSCF5079.jpg (184148 bytes) John McCauley sitting in Mick Gaughran's Middlebridge Scimitar > DSCF4916.jpg (146039 bytes) DSCF4914.jpg (147553 bytes)
George Sampford, Maggie and Mick Gaughran chatting to John McCauley >


DSCF4907.jpg (178545 bytes) Ex-Middlebridge Employees Phil Watchorn and Terry Hextall with John McCauley > DSCF4917.jpg (182269 bytes) DSCF4920.jpg (242765 bytes) Ex-Middlebridge Employees
Phil Watchorn and Terry Hextall, John McCauley with Organiser Mick Gaughran and his Scimitar >
DSCF4924.jpg (219181 bytes) Ex-Middlebridge Employees: 
Bernie McCormack, Steve Lowe, Phil Watchorn, John McCauley (Director) and Terry Hextall >
DSCF5001.jpg (230700 bytes) John McCauley poses for a photograph next to Graeme Conway's red Middlebridge Scimitar > DSCF4927.jpg (171482 bytes) Various Shots:
DSCF4885.jpg (135323 bytes) DSCF4867.jpg (157729 bytes) DSCF4984.jpg (155455 bytes) DSCF4925.jpg (159344 bytes) DSCF5083.jpg (149189 bytes) DSCF5034.jpg (188090 bytes)


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