Middlebridge Meet 2009

4th October 2009

As part of the celebrations of the Middlebridge Scimitar 20th Anniversary, George Sampford and Mick Gaughran organised a Middlebridge Meet at Nottingham Town Centre (The Middlebridge Scimitar's were built in Beeston, Nottingham)

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Thanks to George Sampford and Mick Gaugran for organising the event, all the Middlebridge Scimitar owners who turned up on the day and Nottingham Council for letting us display our cars. 

Special thanks to ex- Middlebridge staff - John McCauley, Phil Watchorn, Terry Hextall, Steve Lowe and Bernie McCormack for coming to join us and sharing their wonderful memories, stories and photographs of the Middlebridge Scimitar.

If any of the car owners or ex- Middlebridge Scimitar staff would like higher resolution copies of my photographs, please email me direct at:



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