NEC Classic Motor Show 2007 

November 9th, 10th and 11th

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Various Club Pics DSCF4889.jpg (180976 bytes) DSCF4900.jpg (173188 bytes) DSCF5018.jpg (160420 bytes) DSCF5026.jpg (160502 bytes) DSCF5068.jpg (180948 bytes)
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DSCF5136.jpg (170479 bytes) DSCF5137.jpg (152479 bytes) DSCF5140.jpg (151622 bytes) Team Photo with Mike Brewer and Edd China DSCF5133.jpg (166440 bytes) THE END
A Huge thanks to Phil Howard, Jim King, Kevin Cooper, Paul Maddison, Mick Gaugran, Terry Rickard, Tony Lowe, Mark and Sue Cropper, Bob Coles, Roy Dowding, Iain Daniels/John Louch, Keir Springthorpe, Richard Prosser, Tim Daly and everyone else who helped out with making the RSSOC club stand a success.  

Special thanks to Mike Brewer and Edd China for taking time out to come and see us and have a photo.  Cheers guys.