Powderham 35th Historic Vehicle Gathering

5th and 6th July 2008


Saturday morning I joined up with Mick Gaughran in his Middlebridge Scimitar at 5.45am at Corley Services ready for our 3 hour drive down to Powderham.  

When we arrived we were met with heavy rain showers and strong wind.  On display were my 1969 Scimitar GTE SE5,  John and Wendy Parker's 1972 Scimitar GTE SE5a, Bryan and Sandra Newbury's 1978 Scimitar GTE/C SE6a (Avon Convertible Conversion), Tony Creed and Lesley Greenham's 1979 Scimitar GTE SE6a, Dennis and Janet Nichols 1981 Scimitar GTC, Collin and Liz Gates 1988 Scimitar SS1 1600 and Mick Gaughran's 1989 Middlebridge Scimitar GTE. 

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Sadly, after heavy rain throughout the night,  the organisers of the event decided to cancel the show for safety reasons as the ground was becoming very slippy and muddy in places. A couple of hours after the announcement we were greeted with a bit of sunshine between showers.  We were then joined by John Williams who brought his 1966 Scimitar GT.  While some packed up and went home, we made the most of the sunshine and managed to get some nice pictures of the cars in front of the railway, in time for the steam train the go past.

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Thanks everyone who attended and made the most of the terrible weather!  Special thanks go to Tony and Leslie for supplying us with tea and a bacon sandwich!!  I look forward to meeting up with you all again.

To see more photos of John Williams 1966 Straight Six Scimitar Coupe and Tony Creeds 1979 Scimitar GTE then visit:

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