Press Cars


Reliant Scimitar SS1 1300 

Registration: B731 AOA

Reliant used a whole series of 'AOA' registered SS1's as press cars, however this SS1 stands out more as not only was it the first production car (chassis 001) it was also one of the 1984 Motor Show cars!

The 1984 Motor Show cars were painted in a special pearlescent White paint, for show purposes only, and is believed to be a Porsche colour?

B731_AOA_21.jpg (153993 bytes)

Above: B731 AOA at the 1984 NEC Motorshow

  B731_AOA_17.jpg (195215 bytes)

Above: Sticker on windscreen states the fact that the colour is for show only

B731AOA_01.jpg (281840 bytes)  B731AOA_02.jpg (266866 bytes)  B731AOA_03.jpg (372286 bytes)

Above: Article from Road & Track Magazine from November 1985.

B731 AOA stayed with Reliant for about 18 months, before being sold through car dealer 'Tony Gilbert Cars' in Ryton on Dunsmore and sold on to a new owner.

The car covered 26,000 miles before finally being stored in 1998.  In 2008 the SS1/Sabre Registrar and SS1 Guru 'Phil Howard' purchased the car and although it had been stood for 10 years and had a seized engine, amazingly the paintwork had survived very well and it.  Phil managed to get the car running again and with some new tyre and a few other new parts the car past it's MOT. 

B731_AOA_4.jpg (202463 bytes)  B731_AOA_2.jpg (172965 bytes)  B731_AOA_1.jpg (165575 bytes)  B731_AOA_3.jpg (174150 bytes)  B731_AOA_19.jpg (99644 bytes)  B731_AOA_6.jpg (194091 bytes)

B731_AOA_5.jpg (148887 bytes)  B731_AOA_12.jpg (199595 bytes)  B731_AOA_9.jpg (145715 bytes)  B731_AOA_10.jpg (96331 bytes)  B731_AOA_8.jpg (208642 bytes)

Above: In 2008 B731 AOA is back on the road with a full MOT.

B731 AOA has some unusual features including having fibreglass front wings, rather than the standard Dunlop RRIM plastic wings, Perspex quarter lights and the wiring loom is mainly black and fitted with plastic numbers to identify the loom rather than the colour coded Lucas loom with all love to hate ;o)

B731_AOA_7.jpg (234164 bytes)  B731_AOA_11.jpg (213530 bytes)  B731_AOA_13.jpg (197116 bytes)  B731_AOA_14.jpg (257485 bytes)

Above: Phil has used the car for various car shows throughout the last couple of years  

B731_AOA_15.jpg (217273 bytes)  B731_AOA_16.jpg (165516 bytes)

Above:  It's great to see that the car still retains the Tony Gilbert registration plate and tax disk holder!


B731_AOA_18.jpg (202202 bytes)  B731_AOA_20.jpg (210147 bytes)

Above: In November 2008 the car was back on display at the NEC Motorshow, 25 years after being launched there, for the 25th Anniversary of the Reliant Scimitar SS1



Reliant Scimitar GTE SE6 

Registration: LVP 457P

 I often watch Scimitars for sale on Ebay and this car has been on there a couple of times.  I recognised the registration number and looked through my Scimitar article collection.  It first appeared in an article about the Reliant Motor Company in Car Classics magazine in February 1977, then in May 1977 it was featured in Men Only magazine, followed by a more in-depth article in Autosport magazine in June 1977.

LVP_457P_1.jpg (430460 bytes) LVP_457P_2.jpg (228699 bytes)
Above: Men Only article from May 1977

LVP_457P_6.jpg (316060 bytes) LVP_457P_5.jpg (292380 bytes)

Above: Autosport article from 30th June 1977

LVP_457P_4.jpg (219665 bytes)  LVP_457P_3.jpg (190913 bytes)

Above:  LVP 457P today.  Although the Scimitar has long since been resprayed in a different colour (although if I recall the engine bay is still the original colour), it still looks in fine condition.
Let's hope it get a new enthusiastic owner soon   There have already been a  number of Scimitars, as well as many other road worthy classic cars,  fall victim to the Governments new scrappage scheme!!!



Reliant Scimitar GT 

Registration: HRF 238F

 In October 1967 Edward Eves received a Reliant Scimitar GT to do a long term road test report for Autocar magazine.  Edward covered almost 10,000 miles before   being involved in a multiple collision on the M1 in foggy conditions.  The  cars was written off afterwards.  

HRF_238F.jpg (143181 bytes)  HRF_238F_a.jpg (153124 bytes)  HRF_238F_b.jpg (157268 bytes)

Above: Edward Eve's first road test Scimitar GT.

 The above pictures were taken back at the Reliant factory in Tamworth and although they look quite serious Edward actually praised the cars safety structure in the Autocar magazine dated 21st November 1968.  He wrote:  

 "The inadvertent crash test fully demonstrated the safety of the structure and the value of the seat belts.  The long glass-fibre nose proved to be a first class shock absorber crumbling up as far back as the front chassis member.  The boot and relatively lightweight rear chassis members performed the same function at the back.  The passenger compartment was quite intact  and both doors opened and closed correctly".

Autocar_68.jpg (1177854 bytes) Autocar_68_a.jpg (1302717 bytes) Autocar_68_b.jpg (1158642 bytes) Autocar_68_c.jpg (1130061 bytes)

Above: Edward Eve's Road test article in Autocar 21st November 1968



Reliant Scimitar GT 

Registration: ORE 459F

 Edward received a new Scimitar registered "ORE 459F", in which he covered a further 23,000 miles and wrote about in his next report in Autocar dated 18th September 1969.

ORE_459F_a.jpg (248109 bytes) ORE_459F_b.jpg (278192 bytes) ORE_459F_c.jpg (202131 bytes)

Above: Long term review of the Scimitar GT by Edward Eves.

ORE459F.jpg (112826 bytes)

Above:  Edward Eves at the start of the Martha rally


ORE459F_d.jpg (79077 bytes)  ORE459F_b.jpg (78257 bytes)  ORE459F_a.jpg (68330 bytes)  ORE459F_c.jpg (99598 bytes)

Above:  I am pleased to see that ORE 459F still survives today.  It is currently being restored by owner Peter Freeman.




Reliant Scimitar GTE - SE5

Reliant had a series of Scimitar GTE's that were loaned to motoring journalists.  

A selection of SE5 Scimitars were used: XRF 974F, XRF 975H, XRF 976H, XRF 977H and XRF 978H.


Registration: XRF 974H

XRF_974H.jpg (285736 bytes)

 XRF 974H first appeared on the front cover of Autocar magazine in 17th December 1970 and Milestones magazine of winter 1970.


Registration: XRF 975H

 XRF 975H features in the Autosport magazine on 12th March 1970.  John Bolster borrowed the Scimitar GTE for one week and and says "The Reliant GTE is a wonderfully effortless car with a very long stride.  It cruises easily at well over 100 mph and the levels of road and wind noise are exceptionally low.  It's a sports car and an estate car rolled into one and it achieves the almost impossible by doing both jobs equally well".  

XRF_975H_1.jpg (303222 bytes) XRF_975H_2.jpg (261938 bytes) XRF_975H_3.jpg (258720 bytes) XRF_975H_4.jpg (362522 bytes)

Above: John Bolster visits Reliant and road tests the new Scimitar GTE

Scimitars_XRF.jpg (104335 bytes)

Above:  Press photo of XRF 975H, XRF 976H and GBF 474H lined up to in front of  HMS Scimitar.


Registration: XRF 976H

 XRF 976H appeared in Motor magazine on November 14th 1970, where the Scimitar GTE was road tested against a Triumph Stag, Gilbern Invader, Alfa Romeo 1750 and BMW 2002.

XRF_976H_1.jpg (260716 bytes)  XRF_976H_2.jpg (310988 bytes)

 Above: Sequel to group road test in Motor 14th November 1970


XRF_976H_a.JPG (156086 bytes)  XRF_976H_b.JPG (172972 bytes)  XRF_976H_c.JPG (171170 bytes)  XRF_976H_d.JPG (149421 bytes)  XRF_976H_e.JPG (174203 bytes)

XRF_976H_h.JPG (192372 bytes)  XRF_976H_l.JPG (180900 bytes)  XRF_976H_i.JPG (209778 bytes)  XRF_976H_f.JPG (143106 bytes)  XRF_976H_n.JPG (157001 bytes)  XRF_976H_g.JPG (159827 bytes)  XRF_976H_m.JPG (158318 bytes)

Above:  Derek Watters ex-press Scimitar is still used today.


Registration: XRF 977H

 XRF 977H features in Car magazine from October 1970.  The Scimitar GTE goes head to head with a Triumph Stag.

XRF_977H_a.jpg (270860 bytes) XRF_977H_b.jpg (315087 bytes) XRF_977H_c.jpg (285989 bytes) XRF_977H_d.jpg (275926 bytes) XRF_977H_e.jpg (308331 bytes) XRF_977H_f.jpg (356608 bytes)

Above: Scimitar GTE vs Triumph Stag.


XRF_977H.jpg (183498 bytes)

Above: XRF 977H was spotted on Ebay last year in need of full restoration.


Registration: XRF 978H

 XRF 977H featured in Autocar magazine from 16th October 1969.  

XRF_978H.jpg (255812 bytes)

Above: Scimitar reviewed


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