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Above: Ted and Judy Howles in their Scimitar GT on the Hughes Rally 3rd June 2007

Special thanks to Steve Town for taking the above photo and giving me permission to use it.

You can see all his photos at:



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Above: Scimitar at Scrutineering at Rijeka Harbour in Croatia


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Above: Ted and Judy Howles on the Classic Marathon - Paris to Pamplona


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Above: Chris Gallacher and Andrew Collins on the Tatry Classic Marathon back in October 2006 achieved 3rd in class (Class 9 Sports and Saloons over 2000cc FIA Period F) and 15th overall.  

Thanks to Chris Bruce for taking these superb photographs and for Chris Gallacher and the Classic Rally Association for allowing me to use the pictures.


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Above: These photographs were taken  by Vladimir Kucera.  You can see many of Vladimir's other motorsport photographs on his website:




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   P1010043.JPG (87672 bytes)   ChrisSabre9.jpg (99821 bytes)   P1010039.JPG (89018 bytes)   ChrisSabre14.jpg (81552 bytes)

Above: Chris Gallacher in the Ex-Don Pither Reliant Sabre Six



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Above: Richard Prosser and Andy Gibson rallying in their Reliant Scimitar GT on the Classic Marathon 2005, finishing a fantastic 3rd overall; Well done lads!!  

I ordered the above pictures from Tony Large.  You can see the rest of the photographs from the 17th Classic Marathon on Tony Large's excellent website under the Rallying section at:



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Above: Ted and Judy Howles Rallying their Scimitar GT in South America



NZ RACER1.jpg (282879 bytes)   NZ RACER2.jpg (224883 bytes)   NZ RACER4.jpg (267807 bytes)   NZ RACER4.jpg (267807 bytes)

NZ RACER5.jpg (257898 bytes)   NZ RACER6.jpg (229561 bytes)

Above: These Scimitar GTE's are road rallying in New Zealand!!


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