Scooter Ski

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The Scooter Ski was manufactured by the Reliant Motor Company for Scooter Ski Ltd in Nottingham.

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In August of 1967 there was a small gathering of journalists to see the Scooter Ski in action at St. Katherine's Dock in London.  Glamour model Toni Tye Walker was hired for the photo shoot.

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The Scooter Ski was designed to provide an economical, safe and easily transportable craft, which would provide the thrills of water sport without the expense of a more conventional powered craft.

The specification was simple and consisted of a glass fibre hull, which was was available in different colours.  As the colouring was in the glass fibre mix, there was no need for them to be painted, which meant the colour wouldn't fade and they were easy to keep clean.  The craft was powered by an inboard 6 BHP 130cc Italian Aspera 2 stroke motor, specially adapted for this craft.  The steering was by a front mounted rudder operated by handle bars, with a twist grip to adjust speed.  It was claimed that the Scooter Ski could reach speeds of 25 MPH on water!  The total weight was under 110lbs.

The Scooter Ski had a retail price of 150 and there was even a lightweight trailer available, which meant you could take the Scooter Ski on holiday with you.