Suspension Overhaul

Part 2


May 2008

DSCF7752.jpg (226216 bytes) Once the springs had been painted my next job was to refit the springs to the dampers.  This turned out to be a bit more difficult as the uprated springs were very difficult to compress far enough.  I tried a couple of different spring compressors and ended up taking them to my cousins who bravely fitted the spring for me using his pair of spring compressors and a vice to stop the springs from taking his head off ;o)

DSCF7683.jpg (150718 bytes) Next job was to reassemble the top wishbones with new top ball joint, fit lower wishbones, fit new steering rack gaiters and track rod ends and refit anti roll bar drop links.

DSCF7762.jpg (99750 bytes) Once thing to note is the nipples in new top ball joints from Graham Walkers are lousy!  When I tried to attach my grease gun to the nipple the top nipple came straight out of the thread.  I tried putting it back in an tightening it, but the lower fitting is so week, it just spun around.  I decided to fit the grease nipples from my old ball joint, which is better made and a lot stronger!! 

DSCF7686.jpg (132054 bytes) New drop links from Graham Walkers.  I had to use my original cup washers.

DSCF7700.jpg (153774 bytes) DSCF7702.jpg (133462 bytes) Fitted new AVO shocks with adjustable dampers and platforms along with new uprated springs.

DSCF7705.jpg (118797 bytes) Close up of lower wishbone with grease nipple fitted (recommend to fit one fitted if you haven't already).

DSCF7707.jpg (99974 bytes) Trunnion fitted onto vertical link

DSCF7709.jpg (90829 bytes)  DSCF7708.jpg (152420 bytes) DSCF7715.jpg (98830 bytes) DSCF7713.jpg (83460 bytes) The trunnion has a threaded hole in the top.  This is for the lock stop, which will adjust the amount of lock you have on your steering (Adjust once all the steering/suspension has been fitted. It should adjusted properly to help avoid the trunnion bolt hitting the rear of your brake disc on full lock!)

DSCF7719.jpg (154828 bytes) Next job was to fit the trunnion to the lower wishbones by using the new trunnion kit (consists of new bolt, 'o' rings, nylon/plastic bushes, cup washers and large washers).  Make sure they are all lightly greased, to help with longevity.

DSCF7722.jpg (126767 bytes) Close up of trunnion and wishbones with grease nipples (these should be properly greased at least every 3000 miles if not sooner!)

DSCF7726.jpg (132056 bytes) DSCF7727.jpg (124150 bytes)  DSCF7728.jpg (139186 bytes)  I decided while I had all the brakes off, I would clean and paint the brakes dust covers.  This meant that I will have to carefully remove the brake pipes.  A bit of plus gas definitely helped undo the stubborn fittings and then I was able to drain the brake fluid and clean out the reservoir.

DSCF7732.jpg (147907 bytes) Suspension finally all re-assembled.

DSCF7770.jpg (111501 bytes)  DSCF7772.jpg (137820 bytes)  DSCF7773.jpg (138677 bytes)  Next I refitted the wheel hub and fitted the brakes.  Then I fitted the wheel without the centre wheel cap, so I could adjust the wheel bearing.

DSCF7791.jpg (135627 bytes) Once all the passenger side was finished I had to repeat it and do the drivers side suspension and brakes.

Once I had double checked I had tightened all the nuts and bolts up I then bled the brakes before fitting the wheels and getting the car back of the axle stands.  The M.O.T was needed so I could now re-tax the Scimitar.  I still had to fill the engine with new motor oil, fill gearbox with new oil, fill differential with new oil and and fill the cooling system with new antifreeze/water.  I had booked the Scimitar for it's M.O.T on 22nd May at 3.55.  I finished putting the car back together about and getting it off the axle stands around 3.30!

Did it pass the M.O.T?  You will have to read the next section ;o)

Special Thanks to the staff at AVO for their advice and support:

and to the staff at Graham Walkers:

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