Tamworth 2009

Tamworth Heritage Day 14th September

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A superb line up of cars of all shapes and sizes built by the Reliant Motor Company and Reliant derived cars organised by Elvis and Geoff Payne, with helpers: Caroline, Dee, James, John and myself (Dave Poole).

We had a fantastic 81 cars on display ranging from1935 to 2002!!!

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DSCF4084.jpg (151716 bytes) DSCF4081.jpg (216267 bytes) A Huge Thanks to Elvis and Geoff Payne, Tamworth Council and all those who helped out during the day and not forgetting those of you that were able to bring and display you cars!!

If anyone wants bigger pictures of their cars, then please contact me direct:


I would also love to hear from any of the ex-Reliant staff I spoke to during the day :o)