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Reliant Display 2010
12th September

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A superb line up of cars of all shapes and sizes built by the Reliant Motor Company and Reliant derived cars organised by Elvis and Geoff Payne, with helpers: Caroline, Pete, Dee, James, John and myself (Dave Poole).

We had a fantastic 94 cars on display ranging from 1935 to 2002!!!

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It was great to see one of the oldest surviving Reliants on display!! Geoff Paynes recently finished restoring his 1935 Reliant 7 cwt and it was unveiled to the public for the first time in many years!!  It's powered by a single cylinder 600cc JAP engine and it was finished to look like Tom Williams (Reliants' Founder) prototype.

To find out more visit:

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69.JPG (197469 bytes) 70.JPG (189808 bytes) 71.JPG (261645 bytes) Me trying out the ex-Wheeler Dealers Bond Bug for size :o) 72.JPG (209222 bytes) 73.JPG (186395 bytes)
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Reliant based Kit Cars > Tempest
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92.JPG (321337 bytes) 91.JPG (335534 bytes) Thanks again to everyone who made this event possible from the organisers, helpers, Tamworth Council and all those who brought their cars for display!!

Hope to see you all there again in 2011