Reliant Sabre and Scimitar Owners Club

Test Day 13th August 2009

As part of the Reliant Sabre and Scimitar Owners Club "Sporting Weekend", there's a test day beforehand to either just have a bit of fun driving your own car to it's limits (like me), or set up your race car ready to take part in the Reliant Sabre and Scimitar Speed Championship. 

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Above: Some say that he runs a website called Sporting Reliants and that red hammerite runs through his veins..... all we know is he's called the Stig!!! 

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Above: My 1969 Scimitar GTE (and Sue Croppers lovely yellow Scimitar Sabre).

Here's a few in car Video Clips:


Special thanks to Craig Hughes and everyone else who helped


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Above: Craig Hughes's seriously quick Scimitar SS1

Youtube Video:



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Above: Lovely Scimitar GT Coupe

Youtube Video:




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  testday_35.jpg (171910 bytes)  testday_36.jpg (172598 bytes)  testday_37.jpg (144324 bytes)

Above: Ben Gough drive's Iain Daniels awesome Supercharged Scimitar GTE!! (Nickname: Big Bob)

Youtube Videos:



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Above: Viv White enjoys a few laps of Curborough in his Scimitar Sabre 1800Ti

Youtube Video:



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Above: Alan Hersey's Scimitar GTE SE6a enjoying his day out

Youtube Video:



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Above: Phil Andrews Reliant Scimitar SS1 being put through it's paces

Youtube Video:


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Above: Sadly Phil's other Reliant Scimitar SS1 has fuel pump problems

Sorry no video footage of this one


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Above: Raz puts his Renault to good use and very kindly offers to instruct people on how to do a better lap of Curborough. 
Raz normally races an Reliant Scimitar SS1, but I think Renault is close to Reliant...

Sorry no video footage of this one

Special thanks to Craig Hughes, Gareth Nutley, Emma, Chris Eades and all the other people who helped out and made this a wonderful experience.


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