Dave's Scimitar SS1 1600

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 Well in a moment of madness I have ended up with one of those funny looking pointy things ;o)

In September I went to have  look at a Scimitar SS1 in need of rescuing.  It had been off the road for a bit due to gearbox problems.  Initially the car looked quite good, but on closer inspection it does need quite a bit more work.  Even though it was taxed and MOT'd for starters the exhaust manifold was blowing, which would probably just be the gasket, but the exhaust manifold also seemed to be cracked.  The car is none galvanised, so I checked the chassis side rails/sills and they looked good, but there was a nice hole in the main chassis section opposite the exhaust manifold.  A replacement 5 speed gearbox had apparently been fitted, but it was leaking oil everywhere and it was a bit hit or miss on deciding whether it was in either first gear or reverse gear!  One bonus with the car was that all the electrics worked including the pop up lights!  As the car was taxed and mot'd my good friends and fellow SS1 owners Mark and Sue Cropper suggested that I drive the SS1 back home from Birmingham to Coventry.  I wasn't too keen as I wasn't sure how long the car had stood still for and didn't even know if it would start.  We put some air in the tyres and I then hopped in the drivers seat and turned the ignition key and it fired up.

On a number of occasions I struggled to get the car into first gear, as it did prefer reverse to the horror of the people behind, but once I got used to the car, I turned on the heater on full blast (which unusually for a Reliant worked quite well!!) and turned on the radio to listen to some rock music on Kerrang.  I was actually starting to enjoy myself.

My plan for the car is to get it fixed, running, mot'd and taxed ready for summer use 

September 2010: 
1987 Scimitar SS1
1600cc (with private plate)
ss1_01.JPG (239282 bytes) ss1_02.JPG (232721 bytes) ss1_03.JPG (269482 bytes) ss1_04.JPG (288922 bytes) ss1_05.JPG (222140 bytes)
ss1_06.JPG (262357 bytes) ss1_10.JPG (229091 bytes) Engine Bay > ss1_12.JPG (212480 bytes) ss1_16.JPG (202284 bytes) ss1_15.JPG (226257 bytes)
Cracked manifold > .ss1_13.JPG (195179 bytes) Chassis

Hole in One!!
Some chassis repairs will be needed. >


.ss1_14.JPG (199784 bytes) Underneath
 it's a little crispy but not quite as bad as it looks and is solid as far as I can tell so far....
ss1_18.JPG (171899 bytes)
ss1_17.JPG (149335 bytes) Usual window frame problems, it's a little rusty. > ss1_19.JPG (192506 bytes) A few scuffs and scrapes in the paint, but generally not too bad. > ss1_20.JPG (158028 bytes) Unusual Perspex rear window fitted to hardtop.
ss1_21.JPG (196996 bytes) nterior is not too bad.  The driver seat is ripped, but I will probably keep the covers on for now > Iss1_22.JPG (189348 bytes) ss1_11.JPG (185647 bytes) One thing I have done already is to clean off all the sticky glue that was left on the door panel in a failed attempt by the previous owner to reattach the door trim > ss1_23.JPG (196293 bytes)
ss1_24.JPG (185448 bytes) Not a great job, but much better then it was!! ss1_25.JPG (180639 bytes) Time for a wash >
(Featuring Steve the Dog)
ss1_07.JPG (262765 bytes) ss1_08.JPG (225775 bytes)
I did one half in head and shoulders and the other half in another well known brand... ss1_09.JPG (175817 bytes) An excellent stable mate for my Scimitar GTE.... I'd just like a Sabre, Scimitar GT, GTC and Scimitar Sabre to add to the collection now :o) ss1_27.JPG (217091 bytes) ss1_26.JPG (289364 bytes) ss1_28.JPG (252360 bytes)
I couldn't wait to remove the hard top and try out around my friends unit... well once everyone else had stopped having a go ;o) ss1_29.JPG (182033 bytes) ss1_30.JPG (193235 bytes) ss1_31.JPG (137357 bytes) ss1_32.JPG (155145 bytes) December:

Progress so far...?


Sadly very little work has been done due to me being poorly (for a change!) and my  Scimitar GTE needing some TLC, but I do hope to start tinkering after Christmas...


Not so much

but more of


ss1_33.JPG (135162 bytes) ss1_34.JPG (149816 bytes)
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