Dave's Scimitar SS1 1600

The re-commissioning

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October 2011 >
Quarter light being put back together > door_17.JPG (206088 bytes) new stainless steel nuts and bolts > door_18.JPG (282995 bytes) door_19.JPG (156770 bytes)
New and the old frames > door_20.JPG (304570 bytes) door_21.JPG (217350 bytes) new and old window slider > door_23_runner.JPG (159398 bytes) Replaced the old broken door/window seal >
door_22.JPG (210283 bytes) door_25_seal.JPG (222988 bytes) remove the old electric window mechanism > door_24_motor.JPG (171577 bytes) and fit the spare one > door_22_motor.JPG (171733 bytes)
replace the rusty door cover fittings door_screwholder_01.JPG (191247 bytes) with new stainless steel ones from the internet, plus peel rivets. door_screwholder_02.JPG (233451 bytes) That look better!! door_screwholder_03.JPG (122127 bytes)
Door finished and back together door_27.JPG (292899 bytes) November 2011 > Bob my landlord kindly lets me use his garage to get the car ready for an MOT. ga.JPG (150454 bytes) Firstly I need to replace that cracked exhaust manifold >
exhaust_01.JPG (188949 bytes) exhaust_02.JPG (191717 bytes) After considering getting the manifold welded, I was advise that it might be better to source another one and Jim King kindly offered one of his pares for sale, so a trip to Gloucester was arranged to fetch the replacement manifold > exhaust_03.JPG (145588 bytes) exhaust_04.JPG (205151 bytes)
December 2011 > With a new gasket it soon fitted > exhaust_05.JPG (181042 bytes) Just a couple more things missing... > fit_indicator_01.JPG (152947 bytes) replacement side indicators kindly donated by Mark and Sue Cropper :o)
fit_indicator_02.JPG (158991 bytes) While checking the lights, I noticed one of my spotlights wasn't working, so I carefully removed the glass cover & promptly dropped it in the pit!  DOH!!!   So I removed both spot lights for the MOT just in case they needed to test them. Soon I realised I had no reverse lights either, and I checked the wiring, which looked as if the reverse switch wasn't working > reverse_switch_00.JPG (154323 bytes) < What joy that was trying to remove the switch!!  In the end, I wedged a tapered piece of wood between the gearbox and tunnel giving me a little more access to unscrew the  switch.
I soon found that there were two types of switches.  The one on  right is correct, although you can fit the one on the left if you cut a big whole through the tunnel, which I decided not to. reverse_switch_01.JPG (255755 bytes) So I sourced a replacement second hand one from Graham Walkers > reverse_switch_02.JPG (208166 bytes) reverse_switch_03.JPG (145579 bytes)
Now the SS1 was virtually ready for and mot.  I booked it in and then went around the car checking everything worked.  I added the SS1 to my GTE insurance policy, so I could drive the SS1 to the MOT station.  I thoroughly enjoyed my drive out to the MOT station. checklight_mot.JPG (226611 bytes) Sadly it failed on a leaking fuel hose and headlights were way out of alignment, it also had an advisory for cracked side walls on 3 of the old tyres MOT.JPG (179845 bytes) Continued....
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