Dave's Scimitar SS1 1600

The re-commissioning

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December 2011 > Back at the home, I decide to check out the fuel leak, first step, remove the boot liner > petrol_pipe_01.JPG (170738 bytes) Its a bit crusty, but looks worse than it is. It's mainly old paint and sealant coming off.> petrol_pipe_02.JPG (164661 bytes) petrol_pipe_03.JPG (218512 bytes)
The pipe hanging down on the right is what is leaking! petrol_pipe_04.JPG (225958 bytes) On removal and further inspection > petrol_pipe_05.JPG (143305 bytes) yes, it is badly cracked! > petrol_pipe_05a.JPG (180476 bytes)
Do I have a vented petrol cap and how do I tell? > petrol_tank_05.JPG (168658 bytes) It will be stamped on the bottom: > petrol_tank_04.JPG (141529 bytes) Remove petrol tank and check for leaks and clean out any debris, SS1's are notorious for getting water in the tank > petrol_tank_01.JPG (162297 bytes)
I found these two fuel catalyst broquets rusting in the bottom of the petrol tank!  Do they work... well I don't know but they look they look better  in the waste bin :o) petrol_tank_02.JPG (183914 bytes) petrol_tank_03.JPG (224673 bytes) While petrol tank is out I clean and paint the rear chassis > rear_chassis_01.JPG (215432 bytes) rear_chassis_02.JPG (145946 bytes)
Soon, its all the petrol tank, boot liner replacement fuel hose is all finished and back together again. Next I replace one of the headlights and adjust them as best as I can before taking it back for it's re-test > fix_lights_01.JPG (155078 bytes) I left the lights up with the covers off, so they can be adjusted at the mot station if required. Great news as it passes the MOT!! > MOT_pass.JPG (210210 bytes)
January 2012 > The passenger door decided it wouldn't unlock and I couldn't open the door!  Luckily for me I already had the door cover off so I could relatively easily open the door from the inside with a screwdriver. The lock mechanism was sticking and I had to flick the catch upwards with a screwdriver to open the jammed door > lock_02.JPG (166428 bytes) I cleaned and greased all the lock mechanisms and replaced the worn lock. > lock_01.JPG (263748 bytes)
February 2012 > My vinyl roof was ripped and had shrunk, buy thankfully Mark & Sue Cropper had kindly donated a mohair hood. >


hood_02.JPG (198645 bytes) hood_03.JPG (202976 bytes)  It need a little work to repair a few small holes which I had a trimmer re-stitch. hood_01.JPG (212706 bytes)
I set about removing the vinyl roof > hood_04.JPG (259809 bytes) hood_05.JPG (199970 bytes) That looks much better now > hood_06.JPG (186296 bytes) hood_07.JPG (177239 bytes)
The hood had faded over the years, so I bought the Renovo Kit to clean, re-blacken and waterproof the hood > hood_08.JPG (130612 bytes) Firstly the canvas cleaner was used, simply brushed on > hood_09.JPG (197409 bytes) the scrubbed and clean with a sponge > hood_10.JPG (222121 bytes)
Then rinsed off with water and left to dry > hood_11.JPG (189163 bytes) Next to use was the Renovo Soft Top Reviver > hood_12.JPG (146826 bytes) This was brushed on > hood_13.JPG (203921 bytes)
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