Dave's Scimitar SS1 1600

The re-commissioning

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February 2012 > I must admit the result was better than I thought it would be!

It was then left to dry out overnight

hood_15.JPG (178306 bytes) hood_14.JPG (278318 bytes) The next day it was time to use the Renovo Ultra Proofer  hood_15a.JPG (176351 bytes)
Again this was brushed on and left to dry out  Then thoroughly tested for leaks the following day > hood_16.JPG (216239 bytes) I was very pleased with the results and would recommend Renovo to others March 2012 > Next job was to replace the cracked tyres.  Thanks to Vic on the Scimitarweb.com forum for selling me 3 virtually brand new tyres. 
So the wheels were taken off and loaded in the back of my GTE to get the tyres changed at the local garage > tyres_01.JPG (239818 bytes) tyres_02.JPG (267424 bytes) New tyres fitted > tyres_03.JPG (218246 bytes) Next on my job list was to look at the speedometer as it wasn't working >
speedo_01.JPG (198113 bytes) speedo_02.JPG (211615 bytes) The top binnacle is held on with those horrid plastic wingnuts, which you can see under the dashboard > speedo_03.JPG (149105 bytes) My method of removing them was to use a 24mm socket with extension to remove the wingnuts as they are very difficult to get to by hand unless you are double jointed! > speedo_03a.JPG (146845 bytes)
speedo_05.JPG (130989 bytes) speedo_06.JPG (122288 bytes) speedo_04.JPG (165612 bytes) With the two wingnuts removed you can lift off the binnacle. > speedo_07.JPG (144840 bytes) speedo_08.JPG (166473 bytes)
You can now unscrew the instrument panel and lift off. speedo_09.JPG (186175 bytes) I checked the speedo dial itself and that works fine, so it must be down to the speedo cable. The very tip of the inner cable had snapped off, so my landlord Bob suggested that I cut 1/2 inch off of the the outer cable speedo_10.JPG (196818 bytes) Bob, cut the end fitting off and cit 1/2 inch off the cable and then tacked the end fitting back on cable on.
speedo_11.JPG (144821 bytes) speedo_12.JPG (131322 bytes) The cable was then refitted and it worked fine!  Thanks Bob!! > speedo_13.JPG (264507 bytes) I was given a spare spoiler by one of the cars previous owners, so I decided to fit it rather than leave holes in the boot > new_spoiler_01.JPG (261927 bytes)
new_spoiler_02.JPG (271948 bytes) The spoiler was sanded down > new_spoiler_03.JPG (231751 bytes) Given a coat of primer > new_spoiler_04.JPG (225651 bytes) new_spoiler_05.JPG (213150 bytes)
and finally a top coat of satin black paint > new_spoiler_06.JPG (229516 bytes) The spoiler was then fitted back on the car > new_spoiler_07.JPG (223186 bytes) new_spoiler_08.JPG (193379 bytes) Next important addition to the car for me was a roll bar, purchased from the Scimitar Club >
These brand new roll bars are available at discounted prices for members of the Reliant Sabre and Scimitar Owners Club > rollbar_01.JPG (256657 bytes) rollbar_02.JPG (246099 bytes) rollbar_03.JPG (228324 bytes) rollbar_04.JPG (216814 bytes) rollbar_05.JPG (217694 bytes)
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