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The re-commissioning

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May/June 2012

I enjoyed the Billing Aquadrome Weekend very much even though the weather wasn't brilliant.  

I decided to have a go at the Autotest

Here's one of my attempts  >

The car was going really well and then during one of my runs, the car cut out and I was unable to start it.  I kept trying being I eventually ran the battery flat as the fan had also come on in the mean time.

Rather embarrassingly I had to be pushed off the course!!  I let the car cool down so the fan didn't come on and then I started it up again, but after another few runs the car stopped again! So I though enough was enough and parked the car up back on display.  I drove the car home without any problems, bloody typical!!

I decided I really wasn't happy with the cars running/hunting, so I made the decision to swap the carb and replace the fuel return pipe back to original.   carb_swap01.JPG (261439 bytes) carb_swap02.JPG (248119 bytes) carb_swap03.JPG (240196 bytes) The correct carb:
Webber Weber 32/34 DFT rather than the dodgy 32/34 DMTL carb that was fitted.
carb_swap04.JPG (201670 bytes)
carb_swap05.JPG (237066 bytes) Looking at the old DMTL, I understood partly why it wasn't working properly > carb_swap06.JPG (210963 bytes) The thread/fitting was ruined where the anti-stall valve was fitted  carb_swap07.JPG (173383 bytes) and there seemed to be a very small hole in the casting?
carb_swap08.JPG (155123 bytes) carb_swap09.JPG (193937 bytes) The next problem was that the K&N air filter no longer fitted the new carb, so I had to find and fit an original air filter. carb_swap10.JPG (231689 bytes) My next job was to re-fit the fuel return pipe underneath the car from the carb back to the petrol tank, so the boot liner had to come out again. fuelreturn_01.JPG (195183 bytes)
fuelreturn_02.JPG (241315 bytes) fuelreturn_03.JPG (245937 bytes) fuelreturn_04.JPG (210483 bytes) fuelreturn_05.JPG (200552 bytes) Finally fitted and boot liner back in!! fuelreturn_06.JPG (238890 bytes)
My on my job list was to fix the headlight that had decided that it wouldn't go down anymore, unless I manually wound it down. popup_01.JPG (221509 bytes) It was actually easier to fix than I thought and I was dreading the job.
There's only 4 bolts holding in the motor, 3 x 8mm and 1 x 11mm.
popup_02.JPG (232778 bytes) popup_03.JPG (140080 bytes) popup_04.JPG (220483 bytes)
popup_05.JPG (195364 bytes) popup_07.JPG (139569 bytes) You can see the corrosion where water has leaked inside and rests on top of the terminal. popup_08.JPG (183140 bytes) The diode had actually become detached. popup_09.JPG (204782 bytes)
popup_10.JPG (186107 bytes) It is normally only the passenger side that plays up as the drivers side motor is fitted the other way up and there is more space for the water to sit, without effecting the contacts > .popup_11.JPG (156424 bytes) First, I scraped out the crud.> popup_12.JPG (169717 bytes) next I wiped it out and sprayed with a little WD40, then cleaned the contacts >
popup_13.JPG (196741 bytes) My plan was to make a small extension and crimp it on the end of the diode and solder it back on to contact.> popup_18.JPG (132489 bytes) as I crimped on the end of the diode the wire snapped off the end!!
DOH!!!! >
popup_19.JPG (130938 bytes) Luckily I had a spare unit from a Triumph TR7 and the Lucas part is identical and in mint condition! >
popup_17.JPG (176175 bytes) popup_16.JPG (162051 bytes) I put the unit back together, and put sealant around the edges popup_20.JPG (138333 bytes) With it all put back together the pop up light are now working properly again > popup_22.JPG (190350 bytes)
Here's a little video clip of my SS1 now running correctly, no more hunting or stalling and with working pop up lights!!



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