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The re-commissioning

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July 2012

My landlord made me a new stainless steel battery clamp
battery_clamp.JPG (134215 bytes) I had put the SS1 up for sale, but as it didn't sell, I decided to keep it and use it as my daily transport as it was so much fun!  I taxed it for another six months.. August 2012

There was a little play in the front wheel bearing and the steering wheel was shaking, so I decided to investigate 
bearing_01.jpg (543249 bytes) bearing_02.jpg (531617 bytes)
bearing_03.jpg (504999 bytes) After stripping everything down, I could get the hub off, so my landlord came to the rescue again and made me a basic hub puller to do the job. > bearing_04.jpg (408731 bytes) bearing_05.jpg (696578 bytes) bearing_06.jpg (388061 bytes) Bob came to the rescue again and pressed out the bearings with his magic press  >
bearing_07.jpg (815229 bytes) The two inner bearings were a little worn, but the outer casing was fairly bad >  bearing_08.jpg (381703 bytes) So after dismantling a spare front hub we remove the bearing and it was almost new and had no play in it, so with the help of Bob again, the bearing was fitted. > bearing_09.jpg (823147 bytes) bearing_10.jpg (396751 bytes)
Finally back together bearing_11.jpg (353843 bytes) Next: After refitted the wheel, I went to get the tracking and balancing done and found I needed a new tyre.  The treat was great, but the tyre was out of shape, which is what was making the steering wobble :o) Next job on the list was to change the rear brakes as they were getting low > rear_brakes_01.jpg (458766 bytes) rear_brakes_02.5.jpg (528470 bytes)
The shoes were worn, but I realised that there was quite a bit of fluid in the drum and after further inspection the wheel cylinder was leaking, rear_brakes_03.jpg (423874 bytes) rear_brakes_06.jpg (398083 bytes) I fiitted the new shoes and cleaned out the drum etc, but had to wait until the following day to get the wheel cylinders After a quick trip to Reliant Parts World in Cannock, I had the parts I needed. rear_brakes_04.jpg (412292 bytes)
rear_brakes_05.jpg (537435 bytes) After changing the broken bleed nipple, I fitted the wheel cylinders and bled the brakes > rear_brakes_07.jpg (403174 bytes) Next: After I put the wheel back on, I went to start the car and it refused to fire up!! After playing around with various dizzys, it turned out to be the ignition module fitted to the top of the distributor that had died > ignition_mod_00.JPG (472001 bytes)
New aftermarket Powerspark module and original module > ignition_mod_02.jpg (303918 bytes) ignition_mod_01.jpg (354803 bytes) New module fitted to the dizzy > ignition_mod_03.jpg (251743 bytes) I turned the key and she fired up!!
After a trip to Tamworth in the SS1, I received a letter from the police!!  It was politely asking me to change my front number plate as it contravened the road traffic act due to it being spaced out and was at risk of being fined, so I had thought I had better be a good boy and order a new plate >  reg_plate_01.JPG (427796 bytes) Looking good for a charity do at Prescott Hill Climb > reg_plate_02.jpg (426184 bytes) reg_plate_03.jpg (477740 bytes)
I met up with Jim King and Andy in his SS1 in Gloucester > Gloucester.jpg (443550 bytes) And soon we were at the famous Prescott Hill Climb > Prescott.jpg (594761 bytes) Typically it started to rain > Prescott_02.jpg (470022 bytes)
but when it stopped, it would have been rude to turn down a couple of runs up the famous hill!! dave_prescott_01.jpg (244289 bytes) dave_prescott_02.jpg (288664 bytes) < Special thanks to Martyn Negaro for these pictures:

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Now winter is on its way and I will soon find out the joys of winter motoring in the SS1!! frost_01.jpg (572145 bytes) frost_02.jpg (897914 bytes) frost_03.jpg (356998 bytes) frost_04.jpg (588001 bytes) Apart from the pesky mice eating away at plastic bits on the car it is running very well.  Mr Mouse likes chewing on my battery terminal cover >
mouse_1.jpg (327160 bytes) I  soon found out why my washer bottle starting leaking too.  Little teeth marks gave it away!! washer_mouse_1.jpg (475364 bytes) So i have now fitted my spare water bag!! washer_mouse_2.jpg (333557 bytes)
I have cover over 6,000 miles in the SS1 and i'm loving it so far!!  It's due for its MOT again at the end of December, so I will let you know how I get on!!

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