Drive It Day
Car run organised by Hagerty Insurance

26th April 2009

 Drive It DayŽ takes place every year to raise money for and to draw attention to the Federation of British Classic Vehicle Clubs and other charities. Hagerty International, the classic car insurance specialist, organised their own car tour starting at Silverstone.  Once we got there we were given a tulip-style road book  that mapped out a 35 mile drive through some superb countryside to the Heritage Motor Museum a Gaydon.  Once at Gaydon we all parked up and were able to get into the museum at a special rate.  After some lunch we then followed the road book back to Silverstone for a procession around the famous circuit!

Special thanks to Hagerty Insurance, Silverstone Racing Club, Silverstone Circuit and Heritage Motor Centre.

Arrived at Silverstone in my Scimitar, following my cousin in his Porsche 944  hagerty_1.jpg (114351 bytes) Joined the other 100+ cars taking part in the run hagerty_12.jpg (208561 bytes) Mick Gaughran's stunning Middlebridge Scimitar  hagerty_6.jpg (209127 bytes)
hagerty_9.jpg (199970 bytes) hagerty_8.jpg (129294 bytes) Peter Stock's twin turbo Scimitar!!
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On the move, chasing the Porsche hagerty_3.jpg (125124 bytes) My Scimitar enjoying the sunshine hagerty_5.jpg (135558 bytes) Arrival at Heritage Motor Museum at Gaydon hagerty_4.jpg (125835 bytes)
hagerty_36.jpg (109673 bytes) Peter Stock's leaving to get back to Silverstone hagerty_17.jpg (164626 bytes) hagerty_18.jpg (154468 bytes) Back at Silverstone we get a drivers briefing about driving around the Silverstone Circuit. hagerty_37.jpg (142929 bytes)
Mick and son wait patiently in the queue to join the circuit procession hagerty_11.jpg (167231 bytes) I decided to let my navigator Chris drive my Scimitar around the circuit hagerty_2.jpg (150598 bytes)
A lap of Silverstone in my Scimitar at the end of the day:


A few other pictures from the day
Aston Martin, with spares for my Scimitar ;o)

(Hillman Hunter back lights)

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hagerty_32.jpg (156778 bytes) hagerty_33.jpg (110925 bytes) hagerty_34.jpg (193600 bytes) hagerty_22.jpg (199224 bytes) hagerty_35.jpg (155513 bytes) The End