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26th, 27th and 28th July 2008

Silverstone Classic Retro Run 

silverstone_1.jpg (164878 bytes)  silverstone_3.jpg (126600 bytes)  silverstone_5.jpg (143444 bytes)  silverstone_7.jpg (180849 bytes)  silverstone_8.jpg (176987 bytes)

Above:  My Car on Display at the Silverstone Classic

To see more pictures from the Silverstone Classic Event click HERE



July 2008

Replace Tudor Webasto Sliding Sunroof

Click  to go to the Webasto Page (lots of pictures!)



5th/6th July 2008

A trip to Powderham Classic Car Show in Devon

Powderham_1.jpg (111850 bytes)

Above: Early start at 5.45 am!!  Met up with Mick Gaughran with his stunning Middlebridge Scimitar 

Powderham_3.jpg (183563 bytes)  Powderham_4.jpg (148176 bytes)  Powderham_5.jpg (123066 bytes)  Powderham_2.jpg (131689 bytes)

 Above: Just over 3 hours later we arrive at Powderham and join the RSSOC display

Powderham_6.jpg (111487 bytes)  Powderham_7.jpg (109186 bytes)

Above: After the show I visited Dawlish Warren where a couple of seagulls took an interest in my Scimitar...

To see more photos of the RSSOC at Powderham Classic car show click HERE



July 2nd 2008

Scimitar arrives back from Body Repair Shop

Wheelarch1.jpg (150370 bytes)  Wheelarch2.jpg (144019 bytes)  Wheelarch3.jpg (140912 bytes)  Wheelarch4.jpg (100742 bytes)  Wheelarch5.jpg (142101 bytes)

Above: After an anxious wait for over two & a half weeks, I was relieved to get the Scimitar back in one piece!  The repair has been done and I have been given a two year guarantee on the work carried out.



June 11th 2008

Follow Up From AVO:

After speaking with AVO, they decided the best option was to make me a new set with the extra threaded body.  They will now change the spec to full threaded bodies for all their production so none will have the need to buy shorter springs etc.

AVO_shock_ver2_a.jpg (81812 bytes)  AVO_shock_ver2.jpg (110344 bytes)

Above: New revised shocks (fully threaded) arrived from AVO 

Special thanks to Nigel at AVO



June 05th 2008

PLEASE NOTE:  You will require 12" springs rather than the standard 14" springs if you buy and fit new AVO Adjustable Shocks (or your car will sit too high!)

Springs.jpg (264173 bytes)

Above: Spot the difference between old AVO shocks and new AVO shocks

RideHeight_1.JPG (104588 bytes)  RideHeight_2.JPG (132834 bytes)  RideHeight_3.JPG (134242 bytes)

Above: I reversed the wishbones on my car so it actually sits lower than the standard Scimitar, but even taking that into consideration and adjusting the AVO shocks to to lowest point on the adjustable platforms, the car still sits way too high at the front!

I have contacted AVO and I look forward to hearing they're reply.  I will keep you posted.



May 22nd 2008

Day of M.O.T

DSCF7829.jpg (120855 bytes)

Above: Arrived just in the nick of time for my M.O.T

DSCF7824.jpg (159545 bytes)

Above: As I walked into the reception, another car reversed into my rear wheel arch!!!!!!

DSCF7826.jpg (90325 bytes)  DSCF7827.jpg (91171 bytes)  DSCF7830.jpg (120188 bytes)  DSCF7832.jpg (134061 bytes)  DSCF7837.jpg (98891 bytes)

Above: Damage to my wheel arch!

 Well I am glad to say atleast the Scimitar passed it's M.O.T and the Scimitar will get repaired.....



May 2008

Suspension Overhaul - Part 2


Click  to go to the Suspension Page 2 (lots of pictures!)



April 2008

Suspension Overhaul - Part 1

Click  to go to the Suspension Page1 (lots of pictures!)


Card_Hospital_2.jpg (103430 bytes)

Above: My poor credit card has been taken to hospital suffering with exhaustion



April 2008

Leaking Heater Matrix

I thought I had fixed the water leak, but it kept dripping and was gradually getting worse.  On closer inspection, I found that the leak was coming from the heater matrix.  While the Scimitar was on axle stands in the garage, I decided to tackle the job of removing the heater matrix... I have heard various ways to remove the matrix, either by removal of the dashboard or removal of the engine!

I decided to have a go at removing the gearbox leaving the bell housing in place (a lot easier on the SE5 than the SE5a).  I removed the prop-shaft, then undid the the six bolts that hold the gearbox to the bell housing.  The top left bolt is quite difficult to get at as the rail of the gearbox gets in the way, but by using 3 extension bars and a long socket, I was able to undo the last bolt.  Next I removed the gearbox support mounting.  I got underneath the gearbox and slid it to the back of the gearbox/chassis tunnel and resting the mainshaft on the bell housing.  This enable me to undo the two bolts holding the heater matrix and slide the matrix out.

Gearbox_remove_1.jpg (114709 bytes)  Gearbox_remove_2.jpg (117446 bytes)  Gearbox_remove_3.jpg (121407 bytes)

Above: Sliding back gearbox gives access to heater matrix.

HeaterMatrix_1.jpg (138726 bytes)  HeaterMatrix_2.jpg (128243 bytes)  HeaterMatrix_3.jpg (162646 bytes)

Above: The heater matrix is past its sell by date!

The heater matrix's for the SE5 are no longer available, so I took the matrix to a local radiator repairer to get repaired.  Sadly after the repair the matrix was still porous, so I am having another matrix built thanks to Dave of J & J Radiator's.

DSCF7666.jpg (208964 bytes)  DSCF7668.jpg (163972 bytes)

Above: My new heater matrix

DSCF7673.jpg (112616 bytes)  DSCF7675.jpg (89301 bytes)  DSCF7676.jpg (71049 bytes)  DSCF7680.jpg (123397 bytes)  DSCF7681.jpg (94035 bytes)

Above: The heater matrix tanks are slightly smaller than my original one so I used some foam tape to fit around the tank to make sure it was a snug fit.

DSCF7688.jpg (111667 bytes)  DSCF7693.jpg (135269 bytes)

Above: Fitting the heater matrix back in without damaging it was a little tricky and it makes your arms ache!!!

DSCF7694.jpg (149752 bytes)

Above: Slide the gearbox back into the bell housing and bolt up. A job well done!



February 2008

A trip to Bristol Classic Car Show

Bristol1.JPG (149111 bytes)  Bristol2.JPG (122020 bytes)  DSCF6016.jpg (129654 bytes)  DSCF6077.jpg (138431 bytes)  DSCF6072.jpg (150135 bytes)

For more pictures of the Scimitars at the event visit:



February 2008

Dave_scimitar.jpg (170734 bytes)

Above: Me trying to fix water leak

I had a small water leak from the heater pipes (or so I thought), so I had to remove the air filter to get access to the heater pipes.  I fitted new heater hoses and clips.



1st January 2008

New Years Day

A trip to Brooklands Classic Car Meet:

My Scimitar near Members Bridge My Scimitar in front of old pits

For all the pictures from Brooklands visit:



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