Reliant Owners Club 
Ripon Rally

4th May 2010

 Reliant Owners Club at a wet and soggy Ripon Race Course in Yorkshire
 Rain... not a great start to the weekend.   DSCF8090.JPG (111736 bytes) Although the rain eased off as we arrived at Ripon, the grass was very soggy.... DSCF8093.JPG (119401 bytes) Just managed to keep the car going on the grass and park on the clubhouse patio. DSCF8096.JPG (196924 bytes)
DSCF8098.JPG (165355 bytes) DSCF8100.JPG (172397 bytes) Getting back off the field was fun!! The rear passengers bounced up an down to help get traction :o)  Luckily we had decided not to camp and we stayed in a Hotel in Ripon centre overnight. 

The following morning, I examined the car and cleared out the excess mud from inside the wheel arches.

DSCF8111.JPG (258903 bytes)
Back at the race course we decided not to join the rest of the cars in the middle of the field and keep our rear wheels firmly on concrete. DSCF8117.JPG (196866 bytes) Paul Devey slides over to join us DSCF8147.JPG (235468 bytes) DSCF8148.JPG (214815 bytes) DSCF8160.JPG (222373 bytes)
A very tidy SS1 joins us. DSCF8122.JPG (213767 bytes) DSCF8130.JPG (182242 bytes) DSCF8135.JPG (178908 bytes) DSCF8132.JPG (204912 bytes) DSCF8133.JPG (203776 bytes)
DSCF8140.JPG (209652 bytes) DSCF8143.JPG (204837 bytes) Meanwhile the Reliant economy car owners made fun of our heavy cars and they parked on the main field. DSCF8149.JPG (190442 bytes) DSCF8156.JPG (121282 bytes) DSCF8157.JPG (173196 bytes)
DSCF8158.JPG (140659 bytes) DSCF8163.JPG (199108 bytes) DSCF8164.JPG (200861 bytes) DSCF8165.JPG (169915 bytes) DSCF8166.JPG (179272 bytes) DSCF8168.JPG (201794 bytes)
DSCF8169.JPG (179127 bytes) DSCF8170.JPG (232550 bytes) DSCF8175.JPG (202302 bytes) While we hid indoors to keep out of the torrential rain...... people struggled to leave the field.... DSCF8181.JPG (151784 bytes) DSCF8186.JPG (207655 bytes)
DSCF8188.JPG (239771 bytes) Sods Law says at the end of the day the sun would come out!! DSCF8192.JPG (238110 bytes) DSCF8209.JPG (258923 bytes) Mark and Sue Cropper get ready to leave in their Sabre. DSCF8215.JPG (144856 bytes)
DSCF8216.JPG (146677 bytes) DSCF8217.JPG (218462 bytes) DSCF8218.JPG (188591 bytes) DSCF8225.JPG (117022 bytes) The End