held at Graham Walkers in Chester

10 April 2010

 Reliant Sabre and Scimitar Owners Club - Annual General Meeting at Graham Walkers the Scimitar Main Dealer
On Arrival: Matt Greenly's (ex-Eric Sandiford) restored Scimitar GT gets much attention on one of its first outings!! DSCF8243.jpg (189542 bytes) DSCF8227.jpg (246422 bytes) DSCF8239.jpg (206375 bytes) DSCF8253.jpg (230978 bytes)
DSCF8245.jpg (197598 bytes) DSCF8251.jpg (271445 bytes) Other Scimitars in the car park: DSCF8279.jpg (216549 bytes) DSCF8259.jpg (190457 bytes) DSCF8256.jpg (181927 bytes)
DSCF8260.jpg (184603 bytes) DSCF8262.jpg (237926 bytes) DSCF8268.jpg (200574 bytes) Scimitars in the upper showroom: DSCF8290.jpg (189683 bytes) DSCF8300.jpg (214081 bytes)
SND843K.jpg (183916 bytes) SND843K_a.jpg (231452 bytes) DSCF8295.jpg (168764 bytes) The AGM Starts: Some of the RSSOC committee: DSCF8265.jpg (148172 bytes)
Some of the hecklers on the front row :o) DSCF8264.jpg (197482 bytes) AGM finishes & we're treated to a tour of the Scimitar spares store: Sue Cropper enjoying a mooch and looking for that elusive part  DSCF8274.jpg (179887 bytes) Phil Howard finds some body panels for one of his projects >
DSCF8275.jpg (172020 bytes) DSCF8278.jpg (179076 bytes) The End